Today, June 20th, marks the 8th anniversary of one of the most iconic Disney Channel Original Movies of our generation: Camp freaking Rock.

This movie launched the incredible career of Demi Lovato and moved the Jonas Brothers right along in their own careers. But in it’s own right, this movie is such a gem. Classic boy drama, camp nostalgia, hidden talents and shyness, and set to a killer soundtrack.

I was a tender and impressionable 12 years old when Camp Rock entered my life, and many 20-somethings were just as young. So to honor the majesty of Camp Rock on it’s premier anniversary day, here is the definitive ranking of the Camp Rock movie songs according to what your middle school self thought when you first heard them.


10. “Our Time Is Here”

camp rock song

No one even remembers this song, so I’m pretty sure I zoned out while it was playing in the movie. Therefore: bottom of the list.


9. “Hasta La Vista”


This was the most B.A. song Disney Channel had ever produced–until “Boys are Back” form HSM 3 took that spot, obviously. Plus there were trampolines involved in it’s performance so literally a kid’s’ dream come true.

8. “Start the Party”


As close a party rock anthem as a 12 year old can get. Also made us unduly excited for summer camp, tricking us into thinking that it would be a legit party with dancing on tables. Not so: more crafts, way fewer techno jam seshes.

7. “We Rock”


Don’t lie: you totally remember the choreographed dance from this scene. Alternative names for this song would be: “Wow Look, Disney Diversity” and “Introduction to Fist Pumping.”


6. “Who Will I Be”


UGH how perfectly summed up is the middle school identity crisis in this song?! Who am I? Who do you want me to be? The perfect setup for a redemption song later in the plot line *wink wink*.


5. “Here I Am”


A power ballad if our young ears had ever heard one. This may have been the song to spark my belting in the shower phase (sorry, Mom).


4. “Play My Music”


What a summertime jam this was. All three JoBros on one track reminding us that music is the center of everything. This is for sure the “windows rolled down” song from this movie. You know, if we could drive.


3. “This Is Me”


“This is REAL. This is ME. I’m EXACTLY WHO I’M SUPPOSED TO BE YEAAAAAH. Screw you haters and society standards, I’m me and I’M AWESOME”–my 12 year old self, probably.

2. “Gotta Find You”


Aw man, Joe Jonas, setting the bar too darn high for them middle school boys. Serenading in a canoe?? Disney teaching us youngsters once again to love deeply. And secretively. And conditionally.


1. “Too Cool”


This. Was. My. Jam. Yeah, yeah, it was written by a mean girl about mean girl things but man did I want to be that cool! I spent far too many hours in front of the mirror trying to do that shoulder shrug dance move thing that Meaghan Jette Martin does in the movie. Conclusion: witchcraft.

On this day, let Camp Rock be forever in our hearts and minds and the lyrics to “We Rock” ever on our lips.

Which Camp Rock song is your favorite?


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