Fox cancelled one of our fave shows “The Mindy Project” last week and we’re basically the most pissed anyone has ever been in the history of being pissed. Luckily, there’s still hope that the series will live on (shoutout to Hulu) so we haven’t started a riot in the streets yet, but in hopes of avoiding said riot in the streets, we’ve created this list of reasons why “The Mindy Project” needs to come back for season 4. We’re looking at you, Hulu.

1. Because series 3 ended in a cliffhanger. Not to be confused with the person Cliff. WE NEED TO KNOW IF DANNY WILL PROPOSE AND WHAT MINDY WILL SAY. WE NEED TO SEE THEIR FUTURE!! THIS IS NOT A QUESTION!


2. Because Morgan Tookers is not only the best name ever, but is also a person we cannot live without. I admit, he annoyed me at first and sometimes I’m like “the f*ck is this guy doing here?” but sometimes you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone, and now I realize how much I love Morgan Tookers. Please do not take him from us.


3. Because maybe Peter Prentice will come back if the show goes to another network or… whatever Hulu considers itself to be. Here’s to hoping. <3 Peter <3


4. Because THERE WAS A BABY ON THE WAY. We want more pregnant Mindy (Lahiri, not Kaling, obv). I want to see #PregnancyProblems.


5. Because we need to know what the baby will be named. Seriously, what will it’s name be? Will it have three names like a royal? Will it be posted on a royal easel?!?!?


6. Because Beverly is a boss. Duh. I need her raspy voice in my life.


7. Because no one knows what happened to Mindy’s friends and I wanted to see if they show up to her wedding.

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8. Because will there even be a wedding?


9. Because we also still need to meet Mindy’s family. Why didn’t we get to go inside this party? STILL. ANGRY.


10. Because we need Mindy Kaling in our lives. Seriously — what is life without Mindy Kaling on TV? IT IS AN AWFUL LIFE, THAT’S WHAT IT IS.



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