Health insurance: Noun. That thing keeping you from quitting you job because it’s too expensive to pay for on your own. 


Health insurance seems like a serious burden sometimes. It’s expensive. It’s money taken from you that could be going towards savings for a house or a car or… you know… alcohol. It’s hard to understand. It can be a deciding factor in your job search, no matter if you’re actually into a job or not. And, on top of it all, it often seems unnecessary. Like how often do you go to the doctor? And, umm, when was the last time you went to the dentist? You can probably get away with skipping, like, a year of health insurance. Right? WRONG.

You never know what could happen and when it could happen. You should always be prepared.

Here are 10 things that could come up at ANY time that you would need health insurance to handle… or else you would be looking at a pretty large bill.

1. You come down with strep throat…

and need to go on antibiotics to rid of it.

2. You fall down the stairs and break your ankle.

It’s not going to heal on its own. You need to go to a doctor.

3. You get seriously injured and have to go…

to the emergency room. But you don’t have health insurance. Emergency rooms aren’t cheap!

4. You have an allergic reaction to food.

5. You think you’re pregnant.

Scratch that — YOU ARE. Do you know how expensive it would be to have a BABY without insurance? I actually have no idea either, but it would probably be really expensive.

6. You get in a car accident…

and now your neck and back are bothering you. It’s kind of expensive to go to a chiropractor without insurance… Believe me, I tried it. They took all of my savings. The same thing goes for physical therapy.

7. You think you feel a lump…

and have to get it checked out. You should never avoid getting something checked out just because you don’t have insurance.

8. You have a UTI.

Imagine having a UTI forever. You need to treat that immediately.

9. You find out you need emergency surgery…

but with health insurance you could! MOST INSURANCE PLANS GIVE YOU MONEY FOR THE GYM. And we all know how expensive the gym can get… Cheers to staying healthy and staying fit!

These are not the only reasons you need health insurance. There are plenty more.

Cigna, a global health service company, surveyed men and women ages 24 to 65 and found that consumers linked good health to financial security. Soooo want more money? Get good health insurance! And of course, as we near the end of open enrollment season, make sure you’re covered NOW — and in the best way possible.


Head to Cigna now to learn more about the benefits of healthcare and then set out to find the plan that’s best for you. You’ll thank us later.

This post was sponsored by Cigna. All opinions are our own.


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