Rebecca Black has released a new video today (yes, it’s only Monday)… and it might just have proved herself as a singer. And when I say might, I mean MIGHT.

Okay, maybe the girl isn’t the BEST singer out there – but she knows that. And now she just sounds like all other young artists… No, she’s not a Disney star, but she definitely sounds like one. And her voice is clearly getting some help in the song. Rebecca is very pretty for a normal, “average” 14 year-old so we WHO KNOWS where that will take her.

The song is called “My Moment” and it is about her rise to fame. The video shows her doing some (very) basic dancing… and we see her riding in a limo to a place where she is being awaited. I wouldn’t say Rebecca is Justin Bieber status famous by any means, but I guess maybe she feels like that…

Here’s the video! What does everyone think? “Friday” ??? OR “My Moment” ?



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