Restaurant Week is a fabulous, cheap-but-still-expensive idea. AKA an amazing deal. Instead of microwaving a frozen meal from Trader Joe’s or making pasta, my boyfriend and I went to Mortons for a 3 course meal. Despite the 90 dollar bill, we actually got about 160 dollars worth of food (or more).

We each got Caesar salads – They were HUGE and had awesome dressing.

I also got a glass of Pinot Grigio & my boyfriend got a bottle of Sam Adams.

We each also got Filet Mignon. It was 8 oz’s of awesomeness.

We shared a huge side of mashed potatoes

And a huge side of steak fries… As resident “French Fry Monster,” i would say these fries made my top 3 best fries… ever. And that’s saying a lot. Actually, they may be the BEST fries I’ve ever had. Anyway, we did not finish either the mashed potatoes or steak fries…

Our first desert was the cheesecake. My boyfriend ate this in one bite pretty much… I guess it was good?

And this was desert #2 – The chocolate mousse. I don’t care for dessert, so I actually didn’t eat either. Well I had a tiny bite of cheesecake.

And to top things off, we ate at Mortons at the Seaport Hotel – right on the water. It was beautiful – inside and out. I had been to Mortons in Back Bay before, but Mortons Seaport was WAY better… and totally worth the money. I would spend the money again… but never would I ever get 3 courses… it WAS restaurant week though, so we had to pay for it anyway.

After dinner we both fell into disgusting food comas. Then, I made banana bread to prep for the St. Pattys Day Pub Crawl the next morning – another exciting event Boston threw this past weekend to force me to spend money & gain weight. Gotta love it.

And this, my friends, is why spending money goes right along with weight gain. I mean look at Oprah. Girl gains and loses like no other.


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