This week’s episode picked up right where we left of last week. Emily and Aiden are standing over the now dead WHM who Aiden killed to save Emily’s life (nbd). Emily is pissed that Aiden killed the WHM before she did, but since blood is flooding Em’s nice hardwood floors they don’t have much time to argue. They search the dead body and find his passport, his cellphone which is pretty much destroyed due to bullet holes, and a pocket watch with a pic of Em’s mom on the inside which leads Emily to figure out that this guy has been in contact with her mother, Kara Clarke. During the excitement, Aiden gets fired up to figure out the mystery of the WHM – who we now know as Gordon – and begs Emily for his cellphone. She says no because it might lead her to her mother. However Aiden still wants the phone, so Emily has a Hillbilly Moment and hits him over the head with a wine bottle.

So who even is this Aiden dude? Well last night we figured that out. He’s a British dude that trained with Emily at Takeda’s boot camp thing in Japan. They used to f*ck, but then Aiden left Emily alone at training to save his sister and now she hates him because he betrayed her like everyone else (poor Emily). This is why Emily has no feelings for Aiden and throws him away (literally) in a trashcan while he is knocked unconscious from said wine bottle. WTF.

Meanwhile at the Grayson’s, Daniel and Victoria creep on Emily’s still lit home from their balcony while watching helicopters fly over their house trying to get Victoria’s story. Daniel admits he still misses Emily and claims she must be cleaning because that’s what she does when she can’t sleep (oh Daniel… so naive). Daniel asks his mom what her story is. We then find out she was on the plane when she received a call from the WHM telling her to get off because it’s going to blow up… and that he will help her take down Conrad if she gives him part of Charlotte’s inheritance. Death to Conrad > Death to Herself.

Aiden wakes up in a pile of trash in a dump truck and jumps out before he gets thrown into probably the same ring of fire the cast of Toy Story was almost killed in. After this, he gets back to the mission Takeda sent him on – the one where he is supposed to help Emily to stay on task and get revenge. He uses his only lead, a key to a random motel he found in the WHM’s pocket, and goes to that motel. While there, he somehow gets into the room the WHM stayed in and quickly finds a recorder from Victoria’s plane. He then casually walks back to his car with it and is met by the owner of the motel – who just so happens to be Emily’s mother! After telling Mrs. Emily (AKA Kara Clarke) that he is a detective and to stay away from the WHM, he leaves. She calls the police department to find there is no detective with the name Aiden gave (gasp!). She then calls Gordon (WHM) and tells him if she doesn’t hear from him in the next couple of days, she will shut everything down (what does that mean?!).

In a not-so-exciting b-story, Declan is now a thief (yawn, no one cares). He of course leaves his license at the home like an idiot, so the home owner comes to talk to Jack about the issue. He tells Jack and Declan that he won’t press charges as long as he returns the stolen items – which of course Declan doesn’t have… but Jack doesn’t care enough to get the whole story out of him. He has enough going on with his pregger Fauxmanda to deal with anything else. Those issues being 1. he doesn’t love her, 2. he doesn’t want her to have his child, 3. he doesn’t want a child yet, 4. he loves Emily, and 5. Fauxmanda is basically a Grayson and he wants nothing to do with the Graysons. In fact, Charlotte gave them 5 grand to a fancy baby store as a gift (girl is in hs… wtf) and he won’t take it. He instead bans her from seeing the Graysons. Like that will ever happen.

Emily, who is now banned from seeing the Grayson family permanently (this lasts like 2 seconds), must find a way to stir trouble up among them. She gives Amanda an old journal of her father’s to give to Charlotte. Amanda is hesitant towards this because she told Jack she’d stay away from the f*cked up family, but after Emily threatens to tell Jack the baby isn’t his (which it actually is), she gives in. Jack won’t find out… right?

Meanwhile, Nolan is recovering what he can from Gordon’s phone. He’s with his new CFO, Padma, who clearly has a thing for him. She misunderstands his situation completely, though, and thinks Nolan is dating Emily when in fact, he loves dick. Nolan makes this pretty easy to think though when he calls Em hot on the phone and says he can’t wait for what’s going to happen later. Little does poor little Padma know Nolan is involved in some serious matrix/Taken shit. When Nolan heads to Emily’s to give her the SIM card, he is greeted by Aiden by getting beat up. Luckily Emily comes home to save him… but kicks him out – which is super depressing seeing as Nolan is kind of the best part of the show.

At the Grayson’s, shit is going down as usual. Charlotte confronts her mother about what she read in her real father’s journal (what did she learn? that she framed her for a terrorist attack?) in front of a reporter during an interview (good job, Char). She tells the reporter she’s the daughter of David Clarke (surprise!). Daniel also receives word that his mother is a big fat liar when he receives her fake passport in the mail (thanks Aiden). When he confronts his father about her mother not being kidnapped, he told her she was planning to flee the country and that everyone knew it but him (tear). Conrad says the family should ALL leave the country, but Victoria wants to stay. Why? No one knows. At least Daniel trusts Emily again… and hates his mother.

After Daniel and Charlotte confront their mother, she decides to go public with the truth – a truth that will make people forget she was supposedly once dead. She holds a press conference in which she announces that Charlotte’s father is David Clarke and she once had an affair with him. She brings the whole family on stage – even Fauxmanda who was forced to stay at the gathering by Emily (she just has so much on that girl). Of course Jack has the TV on and sees the entire thing… and of course he breaks up with pregnant Fauxmanda telling her he can commit to the baby, but not to her. It only took a Victoria Grayson press conference for him to admit that… Also during the conference, Conrad gets a call from the creepy group, ‘the Initiative’ and I admit I have no idea what they said because everything started to get even more blurrier around then.


Back at Emily’s Aiden strikes again, trying to work with Emily… but she refuses. She keeps having flashbacks to when Aiden left her and we see Takeda telling her to not let her heart get in the way… which she clearly almost did with Aiden… and Jack… and Daniel… and now her mother!  I didn’t even think she had a heart. I mean… does she? Will we ever know?

When Aiden leaves, Emily listens to a voicemail on the WHM’s – I mean Gordon’s – SIM card (which is now in her phone)… and it happens to be her mother. She tells him she hopes he is okay and that… she loves him! Uh oh… Emily killed her mom’s lover. Should she even bother trying to meet her now? Will they like each other? Will her mom try to kill her? I guess we’ll find out soon (maybe). And the plot thickens!


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  1. There is so much going on in this season it’s hard to keep up. I’ve been recording episodes on my Hopper, which has plenty of recording space for me to save the entire season, so I can re-watch them to make sure I catch all the little nuances. And I’ll admit I missed Conrad’s mysterious phone call at first, too. I caught it on the second go around, though, and a friend I work with at DISH filled me in as well. Conrad is apparently required to participate in whatever that larger, corrupt company that took down the plane so many years ago is planning. That should be an interesting twist in the near future.

  2. JimmyMackey Reply

    I just wonder when these people have time to sleep or eat or use the bathroom when they are planning so much deception, let alone actually work for any of that money. The wild card I’m most concerned about is Kara. She’s in with the wrong crowd, and has the creepiest way of acting. Revenge is my wife’s pick for a show to watch together, but I got hooked. I was so glad when I learned from my DISH coworker that my new Hopper DVR from DISH has thousands of hours of HD recording time because now I score brownie points with my wife, by recording and saving all of the episodes.

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