Hello. I am changing up the name of this series today because it was getting repetitive and long. I didn’t expect to be doing it past the first week, never mind the seventh week, but here we are.

If this is your first time here, take a look at the past six weeks on the diet:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

This week was a challenge because I went away for the weekend. I basically didn’t stay on the diet, and because of that, this week’s results definitely surprised me. See for yourself.


Day 1: Monday

8am: Chobani simply 100 yogurt (3) with strawberries (0).

1215pm: Barre.

130pm: I stopped at Starbucks after class for a skinny vanilla latte (4). Then I went home and made lunch: Starkist tuna (0) with light mayo (1) and a slice of cheese (2) on Udi’s bread (4) with some grapes (0).

4pm: Hunger = Quest bar (4).

6pm: Still hungry, but can’t have dinner until boyfriend gets home so I have carrots (0) with light veggie dip (3).

8pm: We have zoodles and turkey meatballs (8). The turkey meatballs I made in the Crock Pot and the zucchini noodles (zoodles) I made with my spiralizer and cooked them with garlic, olive oil, and salt on the stove. Then I mixed a cup of zoodles with 4 turkey meatballs and sauce for one serving. Yum.


9pm: We bought this dairy free, low calorie ice cream from Wegmans because it said one serving had 75 calories… but this 1 serving also had 3 points. Ugh. My boyfriend gave me a bowl of it and then I went to the bathroom… and when I came back, it was gone. So I made popcorn (3) instead.

TOTAL POINTS: 34 out of 30


Day 2: Tuesday

8am: I have a banana (0) and a Quest bar (4). Then I get a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks (4).

130pm: Lunch was basically gourmet. I had Chobani yogurt (3) with strawberries (0) mixed in it, and an apple (0), grapes (0), carrots (0) with veggie dip (2), and a string cheese (1).

4pm: I have some The Good Bean crispy chick peas (3) and a rice cake (1).

730pm: Pre-dinner I have an ‘appetizer’ of one turkey meatball from last night’s dinner (1).

8pm: For dinner, I have a grilled chicken filet (2) with sweet potato fries (6) and roasted brussels sprouts (2). For the sweet potato fries, I mixed them with salt, paprika, and olive oil, and for the brussels, I mixed them with salt and olive oil. Then I put both in the oven. Easy.


930pm: Another rice cake (1).

TOTAL POINTS: 30 out of 30




Day 3: Wednesday

8am: Same breakfast as yesterday. Banana (0) with a Quest bar (4) and a skinny vanilla latte (3).

1pm: For lunch, I have tuna (0) with light mayo (1) and a slice of cheese (2) on Udi’s bread (4) with some grapes (0).

415pm: Barre

530pm: I have a string cheese (1) after class.

730pm: 2 rice cakes (2).

8pm: I have 2 sundried tomato with basil chicken sausages (5) and have that with scrambled eggs from 1 cup of egg beaters (1) and some mozzarella cheese (2) and have that with ketchup (2). For 10 points, this is the most filling dinner ever and I can’t finish it. I am also 3 points under my point allowance for the day.

TOTAL POINTS: 27 out of 30


Day 4: Thursday

8am: I start my day with a Quest bar (4) and a skinny ICED vanilla latte because it is above 50 degrees (4). But soon after, my stomach starts to bother me. Sigh.

4pm: I literally couldn’t eat all day because of my stomach so I have some Udi’s bread (4) with smart balance buttery spread (2) and a string cheese (1).

8pm: For dinner, I have an Amy’s veggie burger (4) with a slice of cheese on top (2) … and a Quest bar (4).

9pm: Two friends are around the corner at a bar, so I go meet them and get a glass of wine (4).

10pm: I go home and eat 2 rice cakes before going to bed (2).

TOTAL POINTS: 31 out of 30


Day 5: Friday

8am: I have a Quest bar (4).

930am: Barre

1230pm: I get an unsweetened iced coffee with 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla and some non fat milk (1). This is a much better-for-you version of the skinny vanilla latte that I can only drink in iced coffee form, so lets go warm weather!

1245pm: Before heading out on the drive to NY, I have tuna (0) with light mayo (1) and a slice of cheese (2) on Udi’s bread (4).

4pm: We get to my friends house and are starving so we have some clementines (0). Yum.

6pm: Before getting on the train into the city, we stop for food to eat on the train. I get a salad that had cucumbers, dried cranberries, feta cheese, quinoa, chicken, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. All together, the salad was an estimated 20 points — could have been more, could have been less. I also had a bag of veggie sticks (4). It’s hard to stay on Weight Watchers while away from home. This was just the beginning of me realizing this.

8pm: At our hotel, we drink wine, which I’m going to say I had about 9 points for the night. We also end up going to this really good cookie place around the corner. They had a gluten free cookie so I ate that. I have no idea what the nutritional value is so I called it 11 points – could have been way more, could have been way less. No idea.

TOTAL POINTS: An estimated 55 points out of 30


Day 6: Saturday

10am: For breakfast I was able to have the usual: a Quest bar (4) with a skinny vanilla latte (4). Couldn’t get the iced coffee because it was literally winter out even though it was April 9th.

130pm: For lunch, I got Chop’t where I got the same salad I always get/make: Spinach and mesclun (0) with cucumber (0), craisins (7!), quinoa (3), butternut squash (3), goat cheese (5), shrimp (1), and white balsamic vinaigrette (4). This was all estimated, making the salad an estimated 20 points. But it was so good. It was also really feeling and made me feel kind of sick.

4pm: After checking out 9/11 museum which was very sad, we went to a bar for drinks and apps. I was still super full from the salad, but we got zucchini chips, sweet potato fries, and tater tops sent to the table and that was way too much for me to pass up. I also had two drinks of this cocktail that had fruit juice mixed with prosecco. I stopped counting points at the this point because there was no point (get it). I would say maybe 20 points for this?


830pm: We got dinner at a restaurant where I got the most amazing kale and quinoa salad with grilled shrimp. It was SO good, but I am clueless on how many points it was. I would say 20 because it had nuts in it and restaurant salad dressing is usually a lot. I also had 2 glasses of wine (8).

10pm: We went out to a bar for the rest of the night where I had many glasses of wine. I think I might have had four or five.. so maybe 20 points of wine?

2am: Back at the hotel, I ate a shit ton of SkinnyPop. One 100-calorie bag is 3 points, so I’m going to say I had 12 points of SkinnyPop.

4am: I woke up in the middle of the night extremely nauseous and threw up literally everything I ate all weekend. It was like the diet gods came down and said ‘this weekend shall not count.’ Then after, my friend also got sick. We think we got food poisoning from the shrimp at Chop’t. Ugh.

TOTAL SMARTPOINTS: An estimated 108 points minus most of it because I got sick and threw it all up.


Day 7: Sunday

11am: I woke up feeling like shit because I got sick the night before, but by this time, I decided to go try to drink a latte. I ended up drinking half the latte (2) and I ate a Quest bar (4). Then we went to the train station, where I was *spotted* posing for this picture.


1230pm: On the train back to my friend’s to get my car to drive home, I split a bag of veggie sticks with my other friend (2).

1pm-4pm: For the ride home, I get snacks. Yogurt (4), string cheese (2), and a giant bag of buttered popcorners, of which I ended up eating the entire thing within 3 hours (~10 points).

4pm: I have 3 string cheeses (3) because that is all we have.

6pm: My boyfriend and I meant to go grocery shopping, but I was still hungry and so was he, so we go to this new pizza restaurant that we’ve wanted to try instead. We have to wait in line for a table and then our food took over an hour to come to our table, so it was hell. Pizza was okay. Nothing all the special. It was a small 12″ pizza and I had 3 slices, so pretending each one is 6 points, I’m going to say I had 18 points.

TOTAL SMARTPOINTS: ~45 out of 30


WOW. This week started off great and then I went away and completely went off the diet. I could have stayed on it, but then I wouldn’t have been able to drink or be social, so no point.

Somehow I lost .6 pounds since from last Monday, so I’m not complaining. Hopefully I can actually stay on the diet this week though — like the whole 7 days.


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