Former N*SYNCer Lance Bass has (finally) set a wedding date, and twelve-year-old me is dying inside. If memory serves me right, Lance Bass was my first severe celebrity crush in about the 4th grade, many years before he came out. I always knew he’d get married, but middle-school-aged Sam always thought he’d be marrying her.

By the time he came out, I’d been long past that crush and moved on to more important things like Channing Tatum. But I was still slightly disturbed that I’d worshipped and wanted to marry someone who turned out to not even like girls.

Anyway, Bass and his partner Michael Turchin were engaged last September but put off making wedding plans for a whole year (like who does that?). They didn’t mention a wedding for that whole year, but on the one-year anniversary of their engagement, Bass proposed again (wtf?). Turchin said yes again and now they’re making plans.

Their wedding is set for December 20th of this year, and it will certainly be the place to be this holiday season. But I know what you’re all wondering: Is our favorite pre-teen fivesome going to reunite and sing at the event? According to, Bass says “Don’t hold your breath.” We all know the band will be in attendance, but a performance is, sadly, highly unlikely. As for me, my inner teeny bopper is going to keep hoping for a reunion tour…



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