Now that the season 6 finale of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ has aired, there is only one season left. ONE. SEASON. PLL has consumed the entirety of my 20s pretty much. It started the summer after I graduated college and it will end (sadly) when I am 28. I can’t believe it’s almost over.

But then again, part of me wants it to be over. No, I don’t want to know what life is like without wondering how Hanna and Caleb are doing and commenting on what Aria is wearing. However, I want ANSWERS. Every season we finallllly get a bunch of questions answered, but then also come up with double the amount of questions we had before. And of course that happened during the season 6 finale.

We found out the big ‘twin reveal,’ but then developed a bunch of questions about it that remain unanswered. We also found out that another unexpected character was actually ‘evil,’ and now we have a bunch of questions about that. With all these new questions being added to the list of unanswered questions that already exist, I am running out of space in my mind to remember all these facts. There is only so much space in my brain to fit PLL facts and I am running out of space. Help.

Here are 15 new questions I have after watching the season 6 finale.



1. Is Hanna alive?

I ignored this question when the episode ended because I figured they would NEVER kill Ashley Benson off the show, and because I was so confused about everything else I literally couldn’t wrap my mind around anything. Anyway, I figure the answer to this is: YES, duh she is alive, but I guess we don’t ‘know for sure.’ Even though she’s in season 7, it could be strictly for flashbacks (doubtful, just sayin’).


2. Assuming Hanna is still alive, is she going to suffer from amnesia and forget she ever loved Caleb?

And also forget who kidnapped her because that would make for more *mystery* during the final season. This hopefully won’t happen because Haleb needs to be a thing again NOWWWWW.


3. How will Caleb break the news to Spencer that he is getting back together with Hanna?

*PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN.* Caleb already didn’t say ‘I love you’ back to Spencer when she said it to him. He clearly just wants to get some ass, and thinks Spencer has a nice ass, so… it works. Also, shout out to everyone who weeped in the flashback scene of Hanna running back to her apartment to apologize to Caleb, who had already left without his phone. I cried so hard.


4. How will Spencer handle being left all alone?

Caleb still loves Hanna, but Toby doesn’t still love Spencer. Maybe as a friend/an ex-girlfriend he’ll always care about. But he loves his new girlfriend. He giggles when he talks about her. Game over, Spence. Go back to DC, become a single, independent lady and make work your life. THAT would be a solid, predictable end game for Spencer I’d say.


5. Will Spencer and Hanna remain friends?

I mean, they probably shouldn’t. First of all, according to the flashback that made us weep, Hanna was working full-time when her and Caleb broke up. They were only one year out of college when the season began, so it seems Hanna and Caleb broke up under a year ago. And yeah, Hanna did get meet, date, and get engaged to some random hottie during that time (how? why? wtf?), so maybe Caleb shouldn’t take her back, but how did Caleb start dating his ex-girlfriend’s best friend without disrupting any friendships? It’s not like it was ‘years later’ and ‘all this time went by.’


6. WHY did Spencer have to say ‘panties?’

Seriously. NO FEMALE SAYS ‘PANTIES.’ Panties is one of the world’s worst words. Even if Caleb said it first I would have cringed.


7. Is Ezra’s ex, Nicole, going to end up alive and be found/released from captivity and destroy Ezria, who rekindled their flame after Ezra FINALLY accepted the fact Nicole was gone and he needed to move on with his life?

I feel like this would be a shocking, devastating, and also happy #PlotTwist.


8. Are Ezra and Aria going to successfully nail their book release and book tour and become a famous couple with no problems?

Because if Nicole doesn’t come back from the dead, this whole thing is like a recipe for disaster. I see marriage AND divorce in their future.


9. Why did Emily have no love interests this season?

Can a lesbian LIVE? Emily was just background noise during the second half of season 6. She better get more story lines next season.


10. What happened with Emily’s money situation and missing egg situation?

It was talked about and then not talked about. :\


11. Did Mary Drake ever pretend to be Alison’s mom in any parts of the show from the last 6 seasons?

Because #confused. She couldn’t have just popped up for the first time in the season 6 finale, right?

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.28.16 PM


12. As for Evil Mr. Rollins, was he actually Wilden all along?

Was Wilden ever a real person? ‘Wilden’ did have a thing with CeCe in high school (or were they in college? idk). And then he was trying to kill her. If Wilden was actually Dr. Rollins, man gets around. Charlotte. Hanna’s mom. Ali. Damn.


13. If Mr. Rollins was just pretending to be dead Wilden, where did he get a Wilden mask? And how?


14. Was Mr. Rollins drugging Alison all along to get her hospitalized as a trap?

Because yes, obviously this happened. But she obviously gets out because we saw that flash forward of her teaching class in the season 5 finale where she was warned that a ‘he’ was coming back for her.


15. So is Mr. Rollins the ‘he’ that was coming back for her?

Must be, right?


16. And what’s with the Carissimi Group?

Is this Mary Drake a secret millionaire? Like, who IS Charlotte’s baby daddy? Donald Trump? *shudders*


17. And how is Mary Drake so good at technology and smart to be ‘Uber A’ AKA ‘A-moji’?

She is not only a mom, but a mom who was in a mental institution for 25 years.


18. Also, where the EFF is Wren? And what’s his part in all of this? Is Wren actually Dr. Rollins?!


19. And what about Melissa?

Did she know about this? Did their dad know about this? Did their dad actually sleep with Mary Drake and not Ali’s mom? Is Jason actually the son of Mary Drake and Spencer’s dad? I doubt this, but you never know.


20. Are these questions about ‘Days of our Lives’ or ‘Pretty Little Liars’ because I’m not sure anymore.


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