I stumbled upon Shameless about two years ago when I kept seeing Tumblr edits of Gallavich a.k.a the couple name for Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich, the show’s token gay couple. But they’re not just any gay couple. They were described as TV’s most wonderfully, unique gay relationship by Buzzfeed, and they deserve that title. It was because of them that I gave Shameless a chance, and I honestly never looked back. I binge watched about four seasons within one week (thank God, it was spring break), and it was an experience. The show has no boundaries. I’ve never seen so many fucked up characters and plotlines altogether. It was as though they were trying to one up themselves on how shameless they could really be (see what I did there?).

Up until season four, things had been going really great. I liked how it was panning out, but then it slowly started deteriorating in terms of storyline. Season five was simply heartbreaking because of how all their lives were turning out, and season six had me straight pissed.

Now I’ll admit that I’m biased. Like I said — I was only watching the show for Gallavich, but it was their relationship that was done injustice to. Granted several other characters plotlines pissed me off as well, but none more than the rift the writers of the show created between Ian and Mickey. It was unfair and left me wondering if I even wanted to continue the show. I mean, Ian and Mickey fought through hell and back to be together, yet they got the short end of the stick in terms of how well or long they lasted. Even Fiona and Gus (who were a trainwreck of a couple) got more of a honeymoon period than Ian and Mickey ever did.

For those who want to see the show, don’t read further.

Viewers who have been keeping up know that Mickey ended up in jail indefinitely. Rumors began to circulate that the actor who plays him, Noel Fisher won’t be returning, breaking Gallavich shippers hearts all around the world. Furthermore when Ian’s character was given a new love interest, it just sealed the deal. It personally depressed me because in my opinion, they were the heart of the show. That’s not to say that the other characters aren’t just as loved, but it’d be like Friends without Monica and Chandler. It would be like The Office without Jim and Pam. Full House without Jesse and Rebecca. Gilmore Girls without Rory and Jess. Gossip Girl without Blair and Chuck. Boy Meets World without Cory and Topanga. My list goes on.

Season seven premiered on Sunday, October 2nd, a whole two months earlier than usual. I wasn’t all that excited as I used to be when there was a new season. With none of the Milkovichs around (even Mandy left!), I feel like it just got boring. Despite that, I’m too invested in my favorite dysfunctional family. I want to know what ends up happening to the Gallaghers.

Things are crazy as usual. Frank’s trying to get back in with his family for selfish reasons, while they won’t budge. Lip just got out of rehab and has been doing good so far. Debbie’s struggling with her baby, which we all expected (honestly, her character turned out to be such a dumb ass). Fiona’s swearing off men and living a more independent life (HALLELUJAH). Carl’s girlfriend won’t go down on him because he’s not circumcised (yikes). Liam still doesn’t talk (honestly what is up what that?). Kev and V are continuing on with their polygamous relationship with Svetlana. And my favorite part of all — Ian discovers his perfect, hot fireman boyfriend is cheating on him — with a woman!

This has brought my Gallavich heart so much hope. More so because rumor has it that Mickey might return after all! With that taken into account, I think this season could be a good one. With unapologetic and honest characters, and storylines that are shown in a way on TV that it never has before, Shameless is iconic. From gay/lesbian characters to polyamorous relationships, and the reality of living in the slums, it doesn’t hold back.

Please be good to me, season seven!


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