*I know most of my readers didn’t go to Ithaca College, but I did. And after watching this video, made by two IC Sophomores, there was just WAY too much that was left unsaid. Which is why I had to make a list of my own… and since I can’t get to Ithaca any time soon to make a video, I figured why not use my blog as an outlet?!!? Please continue this list in the comments!*

There’s no where to park!

The cops came at like 1030.

Let’s go to Wegmans.

We should get fishbowls tonight.

Why do the bars close at 1?

(at Moonies) Oh my god, I love this song. Lets dance on the cubes!

Its almost 1… let’s go to Second Floor.

Should we go to Sammy’s or Ameritalia?

I can’t believe I ate Sammy’s last night.

Why does the football team go to the fitness center when they have their own gym?

I got like 20 dollars worth of free drinks with my cab voucher at Dino’s.

Why are those girls wearing dresses with no tights? It’s like snowing.

The Pyramid Mall has nothing. Let’s go on a road trip to Syracuse.

(on the way to Syracuse) Oh my god. There’s like nothing in Cortland.

I have so many friends coming up for Cortaca.

Where are we pregaming tonight?

Football party on Kendall tonight.

Is this a freshman party?

I’m never going to The Haunt again.

What happened to Castaways?

CTB bagels cure hangovers.

They better have that apple pie sundae at Apple Fest this year.

I got so buzzed at Viva happy hour today.

This dorm smells like weed.

HomerConnect f*cking sucks.

I didn’t get into any of my classes.

(on the commons) Are those people belly dancing?

I’m going abroad next semester… to LA!

I need Group Therapy.

The cops are here!

Why would they make two Park schools?

My professor is so weird.

What’s Kendall Day?

(At Graduation) Who are all these people? I never saw them at Moonies…


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