If these lyrics, “He held me in his arms and taught me to be strong,” hold true to you, then you probably know you “came into this world as Daddy’s little girl.” (Shoutout to Beyonce!)

There is no one a daddy’s girl would rather spend time with than her father – The man who taught her invaluable life lessons that she uses daily. He taught her to never take the world for granted, to stay humble and grounded, and to be a strong, independent woman.

Here are 10 signs you will always be daddy’s little girl.


1. He still can’t say no to you.

When you are best friends with your father, it becomes incredibly difficult for him to say no to you. Hence, in the rare moments when you need (or want) parental approval for something as an adult, you always ask dad first.


2. Running errands together is endless fun.

Whether you are just going to the hardware store, or having exciting scuba diving adventures, dad is your go-to guy. He never fails to offer amazing advice and a plethora of corny dad jokes.


3. You have the same sense of humor.

Burping contests might seem slightly crazy to some people, but not to you and your dad. Additionally, there is no one who appreciates his dry, witty, or sarcastic humor more than you.


4. Sporting events with dad are heaven.

Nothing says “weekend” better than watching your favorite sports team whilst eating your favorite food with dad. He taught you how to understand the game, and now nothing can keep you from watching.


5. Don’t even start with all the inside jokes.

In addition to having the same sense of humor (see #3), you have jokes that only you two can understand. When fondly reminiscing on your childhood, the best stories that come to mind are those that involve your father.


6. He is always ready to celebrate your achievements, and you his.

From graduating college to your first “adult” job, he is there with a smiling face and balloons—or hopefully food. Sometimes it seems he knows your taste buds better than you do.


7. You know your relationship with dad is way more important with any person.

Dad’s opinion means the world to you, so if he likes your significant other, you know you found a keeper. When you hang out with dad all the time, your significant other will fit right in.


8. If you are not dating the right person, you know dad will know – and protect you from getting hurt.

As Taylor Swift exclaims, “if you come around saying sorry to me, my daddy’s gonna show you how sorry you’ll be.”


9. The only advice you really need is his.

When you have a problem, or you want someone else’s opinion, the first person you turn to is dad. He is never afraid to tell you his honest, unfiltered thoughts on any matters, and he is an excellent listener.


10. No matter how old you are, he will always see you as his little girl.

Not a day goes by where dad doesn’t picture you as his little princess. From taking your first steps all the way to your daddy-daughter dance, you will always be his precious angel. Never forget to tell your dad, “I love you”—especially this Father’s Day!


My name is Tiffanie Snyder! Studying Media, Culture, and Communications (MCC) at NYU as a twentysomething, I spend my time immersing myself in any kind of movie, book, or magazine I can find. Chai tea is my beverage of choice, and I love almost all food. I have a Pomeranian named Tackle. Join me on my roadtrip down Twentysomething lane.

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