1. When you are bored with nothing to do, you re-watch the Pretty Little Liars pilot in hopes of finding clues. You basically know that first scene in the barn by heart. And that text in the last scene… You recite it daily.


2. You NEVER make plans on Tuesday nights because Tuesdays are for PLL. You do not even make plans on Tuesdays when PLL is NOT on. It’s a habit.


3. “A” is not a letter. It’s a PERSON and you dedicated the past five years of your life finding out who that person is. Now that you know, you’ve moved on to Uber A.


4. You cannot handle ANYTHING interrupting you when PLL is on. Not the sound of the sink running in the kitchen. Not the sound of feet walking around in another room. And certainly not a text message from someone that has nothing to do with PLL. Everyone should know you disconnect from reality (and connect to Twitter) every Tuesday from 8pm – 9pm, DUH.


5. You sometimes daydream about looking really hot at a funeral. It’s not okay, but it’s also okay. I mean, look at how hot they look. If this isn’t squad goals, then I’m not sure what is.


6. Every time you see someone in a red coat, you assume they are A. 


7. You tried to get into the spinoff, Ravenswood, but… no. Those who try to steal Caleb WILL FAIL. Caleb will live on in ROSEWOOD for-ev-er.


8. You classify your outfits by names of PLL characters. I have a daily struggle deciding between my Aria outfits and my Hanna outfits. Spencer only comes out on special occasions and Emily only comes out on weekends.


9. You cringe every time someone asks you what PLL is about. Like, do you have a week? Or a month? Or a year? Because this is going to take a while.


10. You have scoured the internet and Tumblr for “PLL theories.” And you of course have your own.


11. You have internet friends that you have never met in real life who you discuss PLL theories with in depth. Internet besties who can talk PLL with you are the best kind of besties.


12. You have gotten way too many people into PLL. Friends. Co-workers. Your boyfriend. ABC Family should probably just start paying you for your expert marketing skills.


13. You follow the entire cast (and some of the crew) on social media and nothing makes you happier than when they post pics together IRL.


14. You don’t understand why Ashley and Tyler can’t date IRL. THEY ARE PERFECT. THEY ARE JUST PERFECT. So why?


15. The symbol of friendship to you isn’t Samantha, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. It’s Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Aria. PLL is the new SATC. Just, like, with death and stuff.

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  1. I liked Ravenswood, but wish they put it on when PLL was not on the air, so Caleb could do both. I think it was too different for his character and from PLL to ever work, and a majority of people would get confused with if the ghosts found their way into Rosewood too, making the show way more confusing on what was reality and what wasn’t.

    RW was great though, I wish they would bring it back to Netflix. PLL is a hard show to spin off, and going in a supernatural route was even more difficult.

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