1. I wonder if it’s weird that I’m showing up by myself.

2. I hope people don’t think I’m pathetic.

3. I’ll just find people I know to hang out with.

4. It’s not my fault I can’t find anyone decent to date.


5. Hey, who knows? Maybe I’ll meet the one at this wedding!

6. Hahaha. But seriously, you never know.

7. But this isn’t my day, I’m going to focus on the happy couple.

8. Wow, she’s beautiful.

9. I hope one day that’s me.

10. Where should I put this gift?

11. Wow that’s a lot of gifts…

12. I want gifts!


13. But that requires a wedding.

14. …which requires a man.

15. I want a husband!


17. Oh cocktail hour, let me get a few in me before I mingle and meet everyone’s significant others.

18. I look so pathetic.

19. Maybe they see me as independent.



21. Maybe I can mingle my way to a single man.

22.Any contenders???

23. He’s kind of cu – just kidding, taken.

24. Well he’s not bad….oh yes, yes he is bad.

25. I need to stop.

26. Friends! I need to go group with them!

27. I really hope I’m seated at the same table.

28. It’s going to be really awkward by myself at a table with strangers.

29. Are you kidding me? I don’t know a single person at this table? Why would they think to sit me here?

30. This is super awkward.


31. Def needing this next glass of wine.

32. I wonder what glass I’m on?

33. Whoops…

34. Is that an empty seat at their table? I wonder if I could just move there…

35. They’re calling me over! Is it rude to move though?


36. Whatever, its stay and be awkward or move and enjoy the night!

37. Here come the bride and groom! Time to get the night started!

38. Yay food!

39. I kind of need more wine…

40. Thank God here’s the waiter.

41. Oh here we go. Toasts.

42. We get to hear all their history.

43. I wonder what the history will be of me and my husband…

44. Maybe meeting at this wedding?

45. Oh great yep. Let’s call out all the single girls.


46. Cause it’s not obvious enough we’re here alone.

47. Let’s make us look PATHETIC together fighting over some stupid flowers.

48. I’m just going to sit this out.

49. Apparently I’m not. Thank you to my douchebag friends I chose to sit with for calling me out.

50. I feel like a zoo animal.

51. A zoo animal desperate for a man.

52. It’s over! Run for my chair!


53. Cake cutting. Why is this even a tradition?

54. It gets so messy!

55. And no one even eats the cake.

56. Really it’s a sign that I can leave now.

57. But open bar.

58. Oh yeah….my glass is empty. Let’s fix that.


59. Dance time!

60. I’m feeling better now that I’m a bit tipsy.

61. Who am I kidding I’m drunk.



63. Alright, this night is fun.

64. The Wobble! Yeeeah I’m so sexy shakin it out here!

65. Who wouldn’t want this?

66. Hot single guys come find me.

67. Okay it’s getting late.

68. I’m tired.

giphy (1)

69. I can’t party like I used to.

70. What time is it anyway?

71. 10:00????

72. I guess this is adult life *sigh*

73. I’m way too drunk to drive home.

74. How pathetic would it be to grab an Uber?

75. Whatever, I’ve looked pathetic all night.

76. Saying goodbye to everyone is so awkward.

77. Maybe I should just slip out.

78. No I should at least say goodbye to the bride and groom.

79. Okay I can leave.

80. Phew, one more wedding down.

81. Wow I’m so trashed.

82. I need to sit.

83. I hope I can get up when my Uber gets here.


84.Yes, Steve in the Silver Prius, I’m coming.




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