Being single. Why do people automatically assume this is a bad thing? Yeah, maybe we don’t have a guy to take us out on fancy dates. Sure, we don’t have anyone to snuggle up to at night.

But do you know what can be purchased with money saved from buying birthday and Christmas presents? Vodka. Do you know what else you could be doing instead of spending time with your loved one? Binge watching OITNB and eating Mexican food. The world is truly your oyster.



1. You learn more about yourself

It’s true what they say – every time you date somebody new or experience a breakup you acquire new knowledge about your personality that you never noticed before. Dating somebody new is like learning a whole new language – you have to adapt to this novel and exciting person and whilst this is happening traits of your personality begin to emerge. This is commonly seen throughout a breakup too, as people can be reminded of their own strength through times of heartache and sadness, and that they can pull through just about anything.


2. More time to focus on you

This may sound like cliché central, but stay with me here. Before you date anyone it is so important that you are happy with yourself — with your life and your overall wellbeing. It’s hard to commit to another person and have to deal with their needs as a human being when you aren’t fully at peace with your own. Being single means you have all the time in the world to focus on yourself and to grow as a person. Do more of what you love; go for a run, watch the sunrise, travel Asia… as long as you’re keeping yourself happy, it’s all good.

3. Spend more time with your friends

Nothing beats hanging out with your galdem. It isn’t uncommon for girls to drift apart from their friends once they find themselves in a relationship. THIS IS A NO GO. You must always keep your girlfriends close – because who else is going to be around to provide Clueless on DVD and Ben & Jerry’s when it all goes wrong? Good friends are friends for life and you’re always going to need them when the tough gets going. Keeping an active social life is not only fun but good for your general welfare.


4. Productivity

Being single means you get more time alone. While this sounds like a negative thing, it also means you get tonnes of time to be productive and do the things you love most. Apply for your dream job, decorate your apartment, kick start a new hobby, meet new people, anything at all!

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5. You’re able to feel less lonely

Being single means you don’t depend on another being to gratify your needs or in order to feel happiness. Being in a relationship it’s easy to fall into the habit of relying on your other half for most of your emotional requirements – when you’re single you can turn to stable connections around you to ease loneliness, thus building these bonds and making them stronger, instead of someone by your side.



6. No Worries

Ain’t nothing but the truth: no other half, no cheating paranoia. You can kick back and sleep well at night knowing that your beloved partner isn’t cheating on you or being a sly little snake. Not only this, but you won’t lose any sleep over petty arguments, worrying over getting no text replies, jealousy and all the other endless unnecessary downsides that come with being in a relationship.



7. You’re already content being single

There are dozens of science-backed arguments that prove being single rules. You should never feel as though you should be in a relationship just because your friends are or because it’s the ‘normal’ thing to do, stay single and focus on yourself baby girl. Your twenties are the best years of your life. Be as selfish as you wish!



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  1. Not having no friends and family at all really makes it suck big time.

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