My routine is the same every day: wake up to my awful, annoying alarm, press snooze 16,000 times, finally get out of bed, debate showering because I won’t have time to do my hair, and run around like a crazy person before heading out the door. No matter how late or early I am for work though, there is one thing I will always do – drink coffee.

Not only am I the worst at getting out of bed, but I am also the worst at spending money. I spend so much money on coffee every day, it’s actually not okay. In addition to these awful qualities I have, I often skip breakfast because my mornings are so *nuts.* I consider my coffee my breakfast a lot of the time, but it’s totally not. I should be eating a real breakfast, ya’ll!

And that’s where SnackWell comes in. Yes, SnackWell. That brand from the ’90s that made the Devil’s Food Cookie Cakes that one person always had at the lunch table every day. SnackWell has introduced a new food (#2016) that is literally made with coffee.


The snacks are called Biscuit Thins, and not only are they loaded with protein and fiber, but you can also get your coffee fix while eating them. Whaaaaaat? Does this mean I can not only save money on coffee, but I might also have time to eat breakfast as well? And a healthy breakfast that is fat free? Let’s forget about coffee breaks, you guys. I need a #BiscuitBreak stat.

SnackWell’s Biscuit Thins are better for you – they are made without partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, etc. They are also the ONLY breakfast biscuits to come in coffee inspired flavors. The three flavors are inspired by my second home and my income thief, Starbucks. Here they are: Caramel Macchiato, French Vanilla, and Dark Chocolate Mocha. Can I has now?

The best part of this breakfast food is that they keep you motivated throughout the day – literally. They have inspirational words imprinted on the biscuit. So if you’ve ever wanted your breakfast to tell you it loves you, here’s your chance. This is the only breakfast biscuit that will help keep you inspired throughout the day.



SnackWell Biscuit Thins fit into any busy lifestyle by adding convenience to your morning. Eat them while still at home, eat them at your desk in the office, and eat them while on the go. I am notorious for eating my breakfast while driving, so this is right up my alley. You could even share them with a friend, a co-worker, or everyone on your subway car – why not?!


You can find SnackWell’s Biscuit Thins at a Walmart near you. Be sure to use this *special* coupon when checking out to get $1 off this yummmmmy on-the-go treat.

Hopefully your mornings will be less hectic now. Although, I’m not sure mine ever will be. I can at least try though, right?! 😉


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