There’s always a person in your peer group who dishes out the best relationship advice, and yet he or she can’t get into a relationship. This person is one of the nicest people you know and you can’t help but wonder why they are not in a relationship. It’s amusing and ironic, and they are always the odd one out during dates and social events.

Let’s say you’re this person. Though people consider you lonely and loveless, you’ve learned a number of life lessons and you possess a number of qualities and realizations unique to people who are undergoing similar phases in their lives.

1. You have too many dreams.


If you’re in your twenties and still loveless, and you’ll realize that there are way too many things you want to end up doing that it seems impossible to insert a relationship into your already loaded schedule. A lifetime isn’t enough to become a soldier, a priest, an educator, a lawyer, or a photographer.

Sometimes, you’ll decide on doing it based on a sudden inspiration-fueled whim, only to realize that it’s a bad idea. Though you’ll likely give up pursuing any of them, you’ll realize there are way too many things you want to pursue before dying.

2. You get used to rejection.

A person who hasn’t found love – and isn’t interested in finding one – was once madly in love with someone. They might have waited for years and done everything they can, only to be frustrated and rejected. So basically, you can safely say that they are scarred and battle-weary veterans who “have been there”.

You no longer cry at night because someone told you “it’s not going to work out” – you’ll wake up in the morning, feeling light due to the weight off your chest, and you’re off to do more important things in life. Rejection is no longer a debilitating sickness since you’re already immune to the complications.

3. You know what makes you happy.


We can’t deny that there are tons of people who think that love and affection from a fellow human being is the only source of happiness in this world. Luckily, you’re not one of these people (though having someone to cuddle with wouldn’t hurt…). You’re likely preoccupied with investing your time in your hobbies, doing volunteering work, reading a book, and playing video games.

You know the activities and endeavors which make the sun shine brighter and your days more fulfilling. No one is your source of happiness, but rather, the things you do are.

4. You realize that loneliness is a choice.

Most singles end up feeling lonely once they see a few couples around the park holding hands. Although everyone is longing finally hold someone’s hand, note that in this case, feeling lonely is a choice, because after all, there are other forms of companionship.

You’re probably flipping burgers on your family’s grill during the weekends, or having a glass of beer or two every Friday with your friends and coworkers. Your bed might also be occupied by a cat and a dog every night, and both go crazy during the afternoon, especially when you arrive home from work. Who would ever feel lonely in a life spent wholeheartedly family, friends, and pets?

People choose what they feel, and if they want to feel loneliness in their hearts, it’s their choice. Luckily you’ve avoided committing this mistake.

5.You continue to improve every day.

To improve, all you have to do is scream and unleash your inner power!!!
To improve, all you have to do is scream and unleash your inner power!!!

Given that you’re doing everything you can to reach your dreams and aspirations, your quality of life is mainly improving and you’re working on adding value into yourself. That being said, you may also be working on saving up for the future, living a stable lifestyle, and taking good care of yourself.

Overall, you haven’t found that kind of love, but you’re certainly enjoying other forms of it. Being lonely and loveless can kill optimism and motivation, but remember, both are just a state of mind and you can easily get over them if you focus on worthwhile endeavors!


Mikhail Blacer is currently the sports editor of Scoopfed and is a part-time peer counselor in his locality. He's an avid gamer, a voracious reader, and a slave to his sister who drags him to ballet classes.

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