I love coffee.  I drink it every day and if I don’t, you should probably make plans to NOT be around me. I know a lot of people who feel the same way about the caffeinated goodness. Coffee is bae. Coffee is life.

For a long time when I was younger, I worked at Dunkin Donuts. This is how I became an addict. I only ever wanted to drink Dunkin. Yet, when you travel to California as often as I do, you know there is not many Dunkin’s around. Seriously, it was awful because I had to like Starbucks. One time I was SO Dunkin crazed I flew DD kcups with me across the country. Yeah…..

Being a self-proclaimed expert in DD and Starbucks, I’ve noticed some differences in the folks I spot at each place. Let’s take a closer look at them here:

*Disclaimer- These are not facts, they are just observations, so don’t get butt hurt over them*


1. Dunkin people are more casual and laid back, while Starbucks people are more professional and needy.


Dunkin’s colors are orange and pink. They stand out and kinda make you happy. You often find the more laid back kind of people at Dunkin and those more serious folks at Starbucks. Starbucks color is that dark green color. Beautiful color but more serious tone. Mornings you’ll find more professionally dressed at Starbucks where Dunkin you seem to find the more casually dressed people. It’s like the colors bring in the kind of people they happen to serve.


2. Dunkin people are easy to be around and Starbucks people are complicated.


This might come down to the company more than the people but Dunkin peoples orders are often much, much easier. Easy coffee order = easy life. So you’re in a Dunkin and someone will order a medium, hot coffee, regular. Those people at Starbucks? Venti, skim, chai, blah blah I don’t even know how to order. People at Dunkin are easy to please, those at Starbucks seem a little more difficult.


3. Dunkin people love interacting with other people and Starbucks people love interacting with their phones.


Stop at a Dunkin and you will find people casually sitting, enjoying each other and catching up over a nice cup of joe. They’re talking.. to.. each.. other. Weird. Yet, when you walk into a Starbucks you’ll often find people on their phones or laptops using the free wifi. You don’t see many people catching up or talking to each other. If they’re talking it’s probably to someone on the phone not in person.


4. Dunkin people are sweet and Starbucks people are strong.dd4

When you step into a Dunkin, you’re treated to smells of coffee and donuts. When you walk into a Starbucks its all coffee. You’re differences are clear here. Those who are at Dunkin are often there for the quick grab and go snack. I mean seriously who doesn’t like donuts? It’s a convenient place to stop for a sweet treat and a refreshing coffee. Starbucks is more for their coffee. It’s strong and you can smell it as much as you can taste it! Not to mention, Starbucks offers more healthier snacks!


Now go grab some coffee you fiends.. *walks away to make 4th cup of the day*.


Courtney is what you can call a northern-southern belle. Grew up a Mass-hole, took some southern lessons in SC and is now back north trying to figure out the white stuff on the ground. She enjoys all things Britney Spears and sports. Puppies bring her as much joy as a nice cold cup of ice coffee. If you'd like to know more about her mad life, follow her on Twitter/Instagram - @cacharroux.

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