Once upon a time, only bikers, gang members, and “bad seeds” had tattoos. Thankfully, this is the 21st century and this is no longer true. Nowadays, tattoos themselves aren’t frowned upon in social settings. We all know, or know of, at least one person who has at least one tattoo. Back in the day, if you knew someone with a tattoo, that person was “bad news.” Things are changing, and it’s time that professional atmospheres did as well.

I’ll preface this by saying that I do not have any tattoos myself, making this argument non-biased. I do, however, plan on getting a few that I’ve drawn out or imagined (I’m not what one might call an “artist”). I never got any tattoos because I’d always planned on teaching, and didn’t want them to possibly prevent me from getting a job. Now that I realized I don’t want to teach the “impressionable” cherubs in grade schools, I don’t think it will be a problem to have them. Many of my colleagues have tattoos and don’t try too hard to hide them – which is great! I’ve crafted this nice little list as to why more employers should and need to be more accepting of people with tattoos. Again, totally unbiased arguments here.

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  1. They each tell a story. Most people who get tattoos have a valid reason or special meaning for each one. As someone who’s studied stories for a living, I love listening to people talk about the stories behind their artwork. It’s a way to carry around those stories so you don’t forget them, I think.
  2. They’re a form of self-expression. Many tattoos are drawn or at least partially designed by their owners. What difference does it make if someone wears clothes or jewelry they designed or they have tattoos? None, as far as I’m concerned.
  3. Educated, sophisticated people have them. That’s right, head honchos. It’s not just people with nothing better to do anymore. Having a tattoo these days does not mean the person is in a gang or some other kind of trouble. I’m pretty sure gangs don’t get butterfly tattoos. Just saying.

    Yeah, that's pretty threatening...
    Yeah, that’s pretty threatening…
  4. Tattoos are art. Whether you design your own, or someone else does it for you, all you’re doing is displaying artwork. You’re like a walking museum, and I think that’s freaking awesome!
  5. It’s something people have in common. Tattoos are conversation starters, and people who have them are not going to force/persuade you into getting one. People with tattoos generally like to talk about the stories behind them (see #1)
  6. Last but certainly not least, WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO NOT JUDGING BOOKS BY THEIR COVERS?! Are we not a civilization who prides ourselves on individuality and judging others by what’s on the inside, by personalities and values instead of looks?? I rest my case.

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