Today, I had the pleasure of being in the locker room at the gym at the same time as a very curious, young girl and her mother. I was in a changing room getting ready to work out, and this girl was changing in the other stall. She starting asking her mom where her and “daddy” met. The mom told her they met their freshman year of college – they were in the same dorm. The girl starting questioning her… “What is a dorm?” “Did you live together?” “Who was your roommate,” “Are you still friends with your roommate?” I was in the locker room for a max of 7 minutes and I learned this woman’s college story and relationship history. The lived in the same dorm on different floors… She doesn’t know her freshman year roommate anymore, but visits her friend who lived on the same floor as her freshman year in Virginia a lot… They went to school in Virginia… Her dad’s college roommate is his good friend now…

I wanted to peak out of my stall and tell the little girl to cherish life, not want to grow up, and that college will be the craziest and best years of your life… but I restrained. I mean, you could hear it in the mother’s voice. The girl was like 5 years old… she did not care or understand everything her mom was saying, but once she started talking about her college memories she couldn’t stop. I was officially depressed. Will that be me one day? I hope not, because at the rate I’m going, I won’t have an appropriate story to tell the kids… Especially if I have to tell them how I met my current boyfriend – we’ll just have to make up a story. 😉


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