Like most twenty something ladies, I love stuff, especially if that stuff tastes good, smells good, or makes me look good. But also like most twenty somethings, I don’t ever want to leave my apartment because that requires putting on pants and who has time for that?

But with the power of the internet and the needs of the lazy came the magic of the subscription box, where compilations of just about everything good can be sent right to your door! From beauty to food to stationary, here are the top 9 subscription boxes you need to know about:

1. Birchbox


Hailed as the “original” beauty subscription box, Birchbox delivers beauty samples in these adorable and totally re-usable boxes. And Birchbox steps out of the hair and makeup realm, too, often including home decor items like candles and the occasional sweet treat. Their comprehensive questionnaire ensures that you always get just the samples you need–and at a slim $10, what could be better?

Birchbox $10/month

2. Club W

Club W

Wine is an actual staple of any twenty-something’s kitchen (and bedroom. And purse. And everywhere). It may or may not just be our lifeblood, so why not get artisan wine delivered to your door every month? It’s like your own personalized wine fairy godmother, which is what we all know Cinderella really wanted anyway. Boxes start at just $39 and you can always skip a month if you’re not feeling it (pro tip: if you’re already drinking cheap wine while reading this, this is the box for you).

Club W  from $39/box

3. Wellness Tribe


You heard it here first: every 2016 twenty-something woman needs to get at least one of these boxes. Wellness Tribe’s goal is to holistically and organically make you your best self. Each box comes with natural body products, lifestyle items, and yummy organic treats, each with perfect seasonal themes.

But that’s not even the best part: they now have festival and retreat kits. Don’t worry, I squealed with joy too. Whether it’s Lollapalooza or that yoga retreat in the Himalayas, Wellness Tribe’s got you covered with stellar Fest Well and Retreat Well Kits.

In fact, Wellness Tribe is so awesome that they’re offering an exclusive 20% off to FTS readers. Just use FOREVER20TRIBE upon checking out! Now check out their website and Get Wellthy.

Wellness Tribe from $35/box

4. HelloFresh


Are you still getting the hang of this adulting thing? Do you inevitably make only mac and cheese or baked chicken for dinner almost every night? Is your diet mostly some form of potato chips? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, HelloFresh is just what you need. Their chefs do the heavy lifting to wicked delicious and healthy recipes that are sent to you, organic food included. All you need to do is follow the instructions and have a good time. It’s so simple and, from all the Instagram posts I’ve seen (hello discount codes), the meals look fun and scrumptious. Perfect to make with friends, your cuddle buddy, or for just your fabulous self.

HelloFresh from $8.75/meal

5. Turntable Kitchen

turntable kitchen

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to have a dinner party (as I always am), we’ve got you covered. Turntable Kitchen is one of the most underrated subscriptions ever: like HelloFresh, it sends you a great recipe (sans food, however) paired with the perfect soundtrack to play as you eat. For the hipster entertainer in all of us, hop on their website to order a subscription or peruse their blog brimming with gorgeous decor and recipe ideas.

Turntable Kitchen $25/month


6. FabFitFun


FabFitFun is an all-inclusive box promoting awesomeness is all lifestyle areas: fashion, beauty, and fitness. Unlike many of the other subscription boxes out there, FabFitFun indulges in lots of full-sized products, seriously look at all those products in that box! From beauty to towels to tech, FabFitFun builds great boxes to make your season that much better. You also get to join their “FFF Community” and who doesn’t love more friends, amiright?

FabFitFun from $50/seasonal box ($180/year)


7. HelloFlo


I cannot believe that it’s taken this long for something like this oh-so-necessary subscription box to be invented. With HelloFlo, you can have a box of yummy treats, soothing knick-knacks, and fashionable (oh yes, fashionable) pads delivered right when you need them. Their website also includes a blog with uplifting posts and awesome medical info about all that fun lady stuff. I can bet you’ve never been so excited to have your period.

HelloFlo from $30/month


8. Darby Smart


Confession: I have a Pinterest problem. I’m obsessed with DIY pins and crafts and all that farmhouse chic stuff, but I don’t trust myself enough to attempt any of the projects. Enter: the Darby Smart box. Darby Smart is a subscription box that sends you an easy, cute, and professional-quality DIY project. Building your own shelf or stamping your jewelry is not only rewarding, it’s also super relaxing and plain, old fun. Bonus: they even have a kids box (for your kid or you, no judgment).

Darby Smart $19/month ($12 for kids!)


9. POPSUGAR Must Have Box


POPSUGAR has completed seeped into the lives of twenty somethings without making any kind of fanfare. You want to know what hairstyles look good with your faceshape? POPSUGAR. What dress to wear to that wedding? POPSUGAR. They don’t just know what’s up, they create what’s up. So if they’re making a box of the season’s coolest stuff, you best be on that subscription list. Covering makeup, hair, fitness, books, and home decor, think of this box like Oprah’s Favorite Things–but your favorite things that you didn’t know were your favorite things yet.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box $40/month


There you go, 9 boxes to have all the necessities of twenty-something life, shipped right to your door, no pants necessary. What are your favorite subscription boxes?


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