Yes, you read the title correct. It does say New Year’s resolutions. I know that Halloween is almost here, but I have a great idea for those needing that last push of motivation to jump start your health and fitness goals.  How about you start working NOW to reach your goals for New Years!

Every year in January, I get an INFLUX of request, questions, and clients who want to get in shape or get healthier to “start off the New Year.” But why not start now!?! You know that sexy black dress (or any other color dress) you have been secretly stalking to buy. Well, start working NOW so you can welcome the New Year with your new, healthier, sexier body!

Here is the plan:

(1)    Make a plan!  How much weight do you want to lose? REMEMBER to be realistic!  It is recommended to lose 1-4 pounds a week (anything more than that can be hazardous of cause health complications).

(2)    Set a plan of action! How are you going to start working towards reaching your goals? Cutting out that mid-afternoon carbonated drink or sugary snack? Making healthier meals for you and your family? Drinking more water? Scheduling and completing the workouts for the week? YOU can set your plans into action. Seek the help of a personal trainer, nutritionists, or even ASK ME for advice!! It starts with eating right! The things that you consume should be fuel for your body! Eating the right things will allow your body to start making the right changes once you incorporate a regular workout routine.

(3)    Make a reward! What would you like as a reward for your hard work? Yes I know that you are not a dog and you should not be rewarded with treats… but we are human… and having a reward gives you something to work towards. Even if it is shopping, a trip, or that black sexy dress you’ve wanted to buy. The reward has to be something worth working towards. Overall your main reward is looking, feeling, and living a healthier lifestyle which in the end will benefit your overall life! Now that is the ULTIMATE reward!

So why not start NOW!? There is no more time to waste. Only YOU can make the change. There is no magic diet, cream, or pill that can get you the results you are waiting for. You have to work hard for what YOU want. No one else can do it for you. It starts with exercise, healthy controlled eating, hard work, and patience. Remember – your results will not show up overnight. It will take about A MONTH for you to start seeing the results of your hard work – and trust me – when you start to see the results that is enough motivation to make you want to work harder to reach your overall goal!

So start today!

This is Stephanie from Infinite Life Fitness. Please feel free to stop by my site for more health information and tips!


I love fitness...and i think you should 2!


    • Samantha Matt Reply

      A lot of people must have read this article because I have never seen so many people in my zumba class as I did last night. Get fit for the 1st!

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