There has ALWAYS been a huge controversy with women not wanting to lift weights when it comes to exercising. I remember hearing girls argue with my gym teacher in high school that they did not want to lift weights because they did not want to be big and bulky.

To obtain your desired health and fitness goals, it may be essential for you to do some type of strength training! There are so many resources that you can use if you do not have a gym membership or access to a weight room (if you would like these resources please contact me because there are quite a few!)

For women to look like the lady pictured on the left you have to do a lot more than just a few days a week of lifting weights. To reach that level it takes years of work as well as supplements and some of those women take steroids and other enhancers to reach that kind of muscle mass. So rest easy ladies…you do not have to worry about looking like extreme body builder!

There are a lot of beneficial aspects to lifting weights! Not only will building muscle mass allow you to see your results faster but it will help your metabolism and it will also allow you the chance to burn more of those unwanted calories. It has been proven that muscles burn more than fat does. Once you start to shed those unwanted calories a toner and slimmer body will start to appear!

When you build up your muscles it can make some of your daily task a little easier. Like going up
stairs…lifting heavy things at work…or any manual labor you have to do at work or at home. It is natural that as you get older you may lose muscle mass. So it is also important for those who are older to try to adapt a strength training program. Adapting and maintaining a weight lifting routine can also help with bone density! As women get older it has been a known problem for our bone density to start to decline. Lifting weights allows you to maintain an optimal bone density and can help prevent bone density loss as you get older if you maintain the routine.

Lifting weights can also improve flexibility of the body! This is because as you lift weights you are repetitively moving your joints and muscles. You will utilize your full range of motion with some routines which will allow you to stretch and strengthen those areas. Weight lifting also can improve your posture and balance! When lifting or completing certain strength routines you will start to refine the muscles in core which in turn will make those muscles stronger allowing you to improve your posture and overall balance.

Not to mention there have been studies done at prestigious schools (such as Harvard) that have proven that lifting weights can help improve your mood! You will start to feel better and see the physical results on your body of your hard work and in return gain more confidence.

So ladies! Do not worry about lifting weights anymore! In fact you should be worrying if you are NOT lifting weights! I hope that you found this information to be helpful and please feel free to check out my health and fitness blog at Also, please feel free to contact me if you need help with a beginner’s weight lifting program or any other health and fitness related topics.


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  1. Thanks for clearing up some misconceptions about women and weight-lifting. One issue we’re still not sure about: is it better to use free weights or machines when weight-lifting?

    Whitney S.

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