Taylor Swift dropped another album, 1989, and with it came speculation that the album was going to be about her ex-boyfriend(s)… yet again. Or maybe that was simply my expectation.

I have always had a strong distaste for T. Swift, but I have to give credit for her fashion sense nowadays. Anyway, to me, she always painted herself in a self-victimizing way, and it gets overdone. The popular guy doesn’t notice her – she’s in the dark shadows with her sneakers and glasses, while he is dating the more popular, “pretty” gal. But did anyone ever notice that she home-wrecked that relationship at the dance? Refer to You Belong To Me from Fearless.

That is one prime example, but as I continuously read the what the media has to say, and forming my own opinions, a very dark idea creeped into my thoughts: she and I are very similar in a way which critics speak of T. Swift.

What is that? While she writes these annoyingly catchy tunes about her ex-boyfriends that brings in millions, I, too, write about previous relationships in my life and showcase it to the world. I know, it sounds very atrocious to compare myself to T. Swift since we are not remotely similar in any way – beside this characteristic! Oh boy!

Then, I began to question myself have I ever put myself in this “self-victimizing” state as she did, or what critics have proclaimed; and I have, well once to be honest. I wrote a story about this guy who I stupidly fell for while he had major baggage issues. But to be frank, I was not a home-wrecker in that scenario, I was a rebound. Ouch.

T. Swift and I have shared all the sadness, sorrow, and from bitterness to moving on through albums as mine through articles to our audiences. We are totally grown up, both living in New York, and both enjoying ourselves. See, twins. Totally. This is what T. Swift and I are saying, too:


So, I am just going to pretend that I never openly admitted that Taylor Swift and I are similar in any way and going to “shake it off.” 


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