Turning your workout into a social hour.

XL Twin Beds.

Trying to fit two people on an XL Twin Bed.

Fire Drills at 4am.

Girls in bikinis “tanning” when it becomes 60 degrees.

Mass texting everyone you have spoken to in the past 6 months, “what are you doing tonight?

Wearing dresses without tights when it’s snowing.

Putting song lyrics as your Facebook album titles.

Keg stands.

Taking pictures of people doing keg stands.


The Pink Collection at Victoria’s Secret.

Asking your parents for money.


Unintentionally eating a slice of pizza every time you leave a bar or house party.

Walking to your hookup’s house/dorm at 2am.

Walking home from your hookup’s house/dorm at 4am.


Ramen Noodles.

Taking shots.

Taking pictures of people taking shots.

Starting the weekend on Wednesday.


Easy Mac.

Writing on friends’ Facebook walls.

Dancing on stages, bars, tables, cubes, etc (basically anything that is at least 1 inch above ground level).

Having five different Halloween costumes.

Power hours.

Eating cereal after you finish dinner.

Girls making out with other girls for attention.

Foam Parties.

Please keep this list going in the comments…


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