As a fellow female Jew, I am very proud of this list. I don’t want to be an actress, but I do want to work in the entertainment industry eventually – and, hey, thank “god” I’m “Jewish” because more than half of the important people in the industry are Jews too. Yay religion! (I am by no means religious…it just so happens that both of my parents are Jewish… and I don’t doubt that the Jew inside me drove me to major in Television Production. I think more than half – if not all – the people in my major were Jewish too.. hmmm).


10. Scarlett Johanson – This girl started a debate – We (females) do not think she is hot. However, guys gush over her DSL’s, exotic looking face, huge boobs, & awesome body. They think she should be #1 – We do not – Therefore, we decided to at least put her on the list.

9. Nikki Reed – I had no idea who she was until a friend told me about “the hot Jewish girl from Twilight.” I have zero interest in watching the Twilight franchise, although I love me some True Blood, but do think that Nikki Reed is pretty hot.

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar – Wikipedia tells us about Gellar: “Both of her parents were Jewish, though Gellar’s family had a Christmas tree during the holidays while she was growing up.” I never had a Christmas Tree (okay, maybe a Hannukah bush once… or twice…), but I looove Christmas – so props to you, Sarah!

7. Ashley Tisdale – aka my girl. Ash, you look soooo much better as a brunette (but you know that).

6. Isla Fisher – She converted for Sasha Baron Cohen after 3 years of studying! Extra points to Isla, landing her 6th place!

5. Kate Hudson – Kate is just so pretty.

4. Rachel Bilson – I LOVE Rachel aka Summer from The OC. I used to have a severe emotional attachment to Summer’s & Seth’s (or Rachel’s & Adam’s) relationship – and the attachment still lingers. Next to the girl who I picked to be number 1 on this list, I would live to be exactly like Rachel Bilson.

3. Natalie Portman – She shaved her head and still looked hot. Nothing else needs to be said.

2. Emmanuelle Chriqui – aka SLOAN from Entourage. She is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. No words can describe.

1. Mila Kunis – Mila is the hottest thing walking the planet right now. Not only does she have an awesome body and face, but her attitude and voice score her even moreeeeee points. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – I want to be Mila Kunis.

These Jews didn’t make the list, but I am still giving them a shout out for the inspiration they give us enthusiastic, ambitious, Jewish twenty somethings trying to make it in the entertainment industry!!! Thanks girls 🙂

Elizabeth Banks, Evan Rachel Wood, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Zoe, Sarah Silverstone, Demi Moore, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Amanda Bynes, Amanda Peet, Emmy Rossum


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  1. you Know Ashley Tisdale lives on the street and is crack addict now. No kidding. Pitiful.

    • MY BAD! that was the girl named Monei the blond “former cutie” from twins show, Suite Life… sorry. She was shown on Dr Phil recently. PI-Ti-fullll

  2. Sorry, Kunis is looking more and more like man. Without make-up SHE IS a man.

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