This list is for those of you who got a relative you barely know for this year’s Secret Santa… and for those of you who for some reason have to get a gift for someone you only see once a year. Even though you don’t know the random relative that well, you can probably figure out what they might like based on what you’ve noticed about them through the years.

For the Aunt Who Always Has a Glass of Wine in her Hand
The Gift:  Electronic Wine Opener
The Price: $29.99
With this gift, your Aunt won’t have to go through the trouble of actually opening the wine bottle. All she’ll have to worry about is drinking it.

For The Cousin Who Is Always Dressed To Kill
The Gift: Sephora by OPI Tinsel Town’s Collector Kit
The Price: $33
This set features 16 mini nail colors a full sized sparkly top coat! What fashionable girl doesn’t love OPI nail polish?

For The Newborn Baby Niece or Nephew
The Gift: Cloud B Gentle Giraffe
The Price: $21.09
This is not your average stuffed animal. This guy changes the sound in your room to make it easier to sleep. This is a gift to both the baby and the parents. And it’s a Giraffe. What’s not to love?

For The Aunt With The Bangin’ Body:
The Gift: GoFit Double Thick 7 mm Yoga Mat with Posture Poster
The Price: $29.99
To look that good, she must love to work out. And what fitness fanatic wouldn’t want a new yoga mat? Especially one that’s extremely comfortable.

For The Cousin Who Just Got Their Driver’s License
The Gift: You Got Your Driver’s License Kit
The Price: $25
Congratulate your teenage cousin with this ‘essential’ gift set. They’ll get fuzzy dice, a tire gauge, a flashlight, and more.

For The Uncle You Actually Know Nothing About
The Gift: The North Face Men’s Denali Glove
The Price: $30
When it doubt, get him gloves. Who doesn’t need gloves?

For The Family Member That Loves Sports
The Gift: 4-pc. Coaster Set (they have most NCAA teams available)
The Price: $13.19
If your family member is a HUGE sports fanatic, sports themed coasters (or sports themed anything really) would be an awesome gift. Just be sure to choose their favorite team.

Check back later today to see what we have in store for the last day of our 12 Day’s of Gifts!


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