For The Boyfriend Who: Loves The Gym
The Gift: Under Armour ColdGear Long Sleeve Fitted Shirt
The Price: $49.99
He loves to workout and be comfortable, so get him something he can show off his muscles in while either working out, staying warm, or relaxing.

For The Boyfriend Who: Thinks He Is Don Draper
The Gift: Michael Kors ‘Mercer’ Large Chronograph Leather Strap Watch
The Price: $225.00
Give him that extra something special to make him feel stylish, manly, classy, and powerful at work… even though he isn’t… because he’s a 20-something.

For The Boyfriend Who: Is a Typical Bro
The Gift: Fragrance Sampler For Him
The Price: $50 ($90 value!)
If your boyfriend is anything like Schmidt from New Girl, he would LOVE. THIS. Sure you could pick out a cologne for him, but with the sampler he can pick out one that he likes too! So many samples, so little time.

For The Boyfriend Who: Is Always Reading
The Gift: Kindle Paperwhite
The Price: $119
If someone likes to read, you can’t go wrong with a Kindle. Even if he already has one, the new Kindle has a built in light making it easy to read in the dark so replacing the old one would be a treat. If you feel like spending more money, the Kindle Fire is great because it’s a super cool tablet like the iPad. Amazon gift cards are always a good choice too. Books are expensive!

For The Boyfriend Who: Can’t Stop Watching Sports
The Gift: Tickets to a game
The Price: Varies
Get your guy off the couch and his eyes off the TV and bring him on a date with you. Yes, this would be impossible during any kind of important game (and every game is important, FYI), so why not bring him TO the game. He’ll get a sweet view (well, probably not), you’ll get his attention (kind of), and you’ll both benefit from spending time together. That’s what matters most anyway!

For The Boyfriend Who: Loves Doing Shit Around The House
The Gift: A Nice Tool Kit
The Price: $59.99
Sure, he most definitely has a tool kit already… but what kind of DIY-loving guy can have enough tools? And what kind of 20-something has a tool kit that is actually nice? You’ll definitely reap the benefits of this when he starts doing stuff for you too like, umm, putting together furniture from Ikea. It’s. So. Hard.

For The Boyfriend Who: Loves The Outdoors
The Gift: The North Face Men’s Denali Hoodie
The Price: $199
I’ve never understood these types of people, but they love to be outside no matter the weather. If your man is one of these people, keep him warm and stylish with a new North Face jacket equipped with a hood. Even if your guy already has a North Face, he could definitely benefit from having a new one (especially if his original doesn’t have a hood) as they get worn out over time. Think back to the way your own North Face jacket felt when you first got it and compare it to the way it feels now. It’s, like, not even the same jacket. Really.

For The Boyfriend Who: You Just Started Dating
The Gift: Alcohol
The Price: $10 – $40
You’ve only been dating for a short time, so you don’t want to go overboard. But you also don’t want to go ‘underboard’ and get him nothing. So what’s something cheap, casual, and wanted by every twenty-something out there? Alcohol. A bottle of whiskey, a 12 pack of top notch beers, a 6 pack of Guinness, maybe even a nice bottle of wine. It says I like you without suggesting I love you. It’s never too soon for alcohol.

For The Boyfriend Who: You’re Not Actually Sure Is A Boyfriend
The Gift: Nothing
The Price: $0
Get him nothing. He won’t get you anything, so don’t even try.

Check back tomorrow to see what we have in store for the second day of our 12 Day’s of Gifts!


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  1. haha! “For The Boyfriend-You’re-Not-Actually-Sure-Is-A-Boyfriend: Nothing

    Get him nothing. He won’t get you anything, so don’t even try.” SOOO true. Don’t even bake him cookies!

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