For The Brother Who Is Always At The Gym
The Gift: Iron Gym
The Price: $29.99
Bring the gym to him! With this total upper body workout bar, your brother can wake up in the morning and get his pre-workout on before he hits the gym or goes to work… and of course he can get his post-workout on before bed. One of the two reviewers even said ‘I think it works!‘ so, like, it must.

For The Brother Who Loves Money
The Gift: Perfect Solutions Coin Counting Money Jar
The Price: $20 On sale for $9.99!!!
This is perfect for a dude who tracks loose change literally everywhere… or for the guy who needs to save every last penny and often cashes in change for bills. Help him save his money with this super cool coin counting jar. Personally, I think this gift rocks – especially for the price. A must-have (it even comes in pink… maybe I’ll buy it).

For The Brother Who Is Hairy
The Gift: Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver
The Price: $19.99
I mean… you wouldn’t be caught dead with him on the beach during a family vacation… Gotta give him the hint somehow.

For The Brother Who Is Still In College
The Gift: A College Sweatshirt
The Price: ~$60.00
Remember how much you loved buying shit from the bookstore, but how much you hated buying shit from the bookstore because it, like, cost money? Get over the fact you’re jealous of his super sweet dorm life and shop his school’s online book store. You know he’ll appreciate it.

For The Brother Who ‘Recently’ Graduated College
The Gift: A College Sweatshirt… that says alumni… and has no hood (#oldpeopleproblems)
The Price: ~$50.00
Welcome him to the ever so awesome post-grad life AKA adulthood with this grandfather looking sweatshirt. This gift works even better in a situation where your brother just won’t accept the fact he graduated. Well, you can now make him accept it with a clothing item branded with the term ‘alumni.’ Who wouldn’t wear this?!
*Note: Do not actually get this for your brother unless you have a serious stash of money to blow or you happen to be a family of people who hate hoods. No one would ever wear this. Or would they?*

For The Brother Who Can’t Keep His Eyes Off The TV
The Gift: Wireless TV Headphones
The Price: $49.99
You can find him on the couch with his eyes glued to the TV screen on a daily basis. Whether the big game is on, the news, or a repeat of his favorite show, he’s always watching it… rarely getting up for a bathroom or food break. These wireless headphones would allow him to do just that though… He can go pee and still listen to the TV in the bathroom with these things. WOW. Gotta love technology.

For The Brother Who Is Mr. Metrosexual
The Gift: A Scarf
Price: $80 (You can’t be cheap with Mr. Metro… he will know… and he will never wear it)
This is for the brother who spends hours getting ready – yes, sometimes it takes him longer than you – and always looks good (damn him).

For The Brother Who Loves Video Games
The Gift: NBA 2K13
The Price: $49.99 for Xbox 360 & $39.99 for Wii
He’s always playing the same games over and over again, so why not get him a new one?

For The Brother Who Is Always Comfortable
The Gift: Minnetonka Moccasins
The Price: $34.99
He wears sweats out of the house, so why not get him slippers he can wear outside too? Not to mention, they kind of look like Sperry’s… except they have fur inside. Done and done.

For The Brother Who Is An Entrepreneur
The Gift: Old-Fashioned Hot Dog Grill Roller with Bun Warmer
The Price: $39.99
Help him begin a start-up hot dog stand business with this nostalgic item… Or get him it because it’s really cool and he likes hot dogs. The choice is yours.

For The Brother Who Loves To Party
The Gift: Beer Pong Table
The Price: $69.99
He is either entering his wow-alcohol-is-so-cool high school phase, enduring the drunken state that is 4 years of college, or has surpassed all of that and is now just never growing up. He loves to go out, get fucked up, and play some pong. This super cool table will make your brother appear as king to those who play beside him. No more morphing the kitchen table into a pong table… he will have his own!

For The Brother Who Is Always On His Phone
The Gift: Polo Ralph Lauren Gloves, Classic Sport Jersey Fleece Touch Glove
The Price: $45 On sale for $33.75
When it gets cold out, you usually have to make a decision when outside. ‘To be cold and on my phone or to be warm and not on my phone?’ We all know how hard it is to wear gloves and actually successfully press the buttons on your cell phone… but with these hi-tech gloves from Ralph Lauren, your brother will be able to stay warm while using his phone. Not to mention – they’re super stylish.

For The Brother Who Likes To Mess With People
The Gift: Talking TP Toilet Paper Spindle
The Price: $9.99
Record a personalized message for everyone who uses the toilet paper in your bathroom. This is a real thing.

Check back tomorrow to see what we have in store for the 11th day of our 12 Day’s of Gifts!


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