For day 2 of the 12 days of gifts, we bring you 11 types of people you might work with and some holiday gift ideas to make them love you!

The coworker who: is a glamour girl.
Gift: Crystal computer mouse
Price: $19.99
Office issue keyboards, mice and pretty much everything are generally boring and/or gross. Spice up her workday with a little bling. Or, if you’re feeling generous, for $62.99 (plus shipping) you can go all-out and get her the complete bedazzled office supply set.

The coworker who: really needs to shut up.
Gift: Pandora One subscription
Price: $4/month.
Because it’s kind of hard to talk over music.

The coworker who: is always hungover.

$9.99 for eight.
Late night last night? No problem. Pedialyte restores electrolytes lost drinking and helps cure hangovers. This powder mixes with water from the water cooler to discreetly treat your hangover at the office.

The coworker who: is high-strung.

Gift: Relaxation fountain
Price: $26.96
Let the sounds of a gentle stream of water help your stressed-out coworker find his or her center…without leaving his or her desk.

The coworker who: is snarky.
Gift: Maxine 2013 desk calendar
Price: $12.59
Who better than Hallmark’s signature cranky Maxine to deliver a little snark every morning for 365 days? This is the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

The coworker who: hogs the office candy dish.

Gift: Giant Hershey bar.
Price: $15.95
If this doesn’t give him or her the hint, nothing will.

The coworker who: commutes.

Gift: CitySlips
Price: $22.25
Whether your coworker is a busy mom from the suburbs or single in the city, every commuter can appreciate a pair of these convenient foldable ballet flats after a long day at work.

The coworker who: is always freaking sick.
Gift: 5-pack of Bath & Body Works pocket bac hand sanitizer, plus antibacterial hand soap in a wintry scent, like Twisted Peppermint.
Price: Anti-bacterial gels, $5 for 5, soap, $5.50 each.
This gift is appealing to the recipient but also cuts down on germs spread through the office bigtime. So basically, a win for everyone.

The coworker who: has children.

Gift: Digital photo frame
Price: $19.99
Let your coworker showcase family pics all day long with this LCD photo frame.

The coworker who: loves to read.

Gift: Barnes & Noble membership
Price: $25
The recipient gets unlimited express shipping on all orders, 40% off hardcover bestsellers, plus 10% off everything. Not a bad deal.

The coworker who: is a go-getter.

Gift: Kate White’s new book, I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know
Price: $16.49.
Bonus: You can get the sparknotes version by asking her what she learned after she reads it.

Be sure to check out yesterday’s guide of what to get your boyfriend. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our 3rd day of gifts! Happy shopping 🙂

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