For The Friend Who Doesn’t Need Anything
The Gift: Hedgehog Measuring Cups
The Price: $36
The last thing this girl needs is bags, makeup, or jewelry, so you’re always at a loss of what to get her for the holidays. She’s picky and hard to buy for, but she’d never tell you if she didn’t like your gift. For the Friend Who Doesn’t Need Anything, I would recommend something unique and decorative, like these adorable, quirky measuring hedgies.

For The Friend Who ALWAYS Remembers To Get You Something
The Gift: Glitter Bobby Pins
The Price: $10
You didn’t consider this girl one of your closest friends, until last year, when she got you that lovely leopard-print clutch you mentioned was on your wish list, and you got her… nothing. To avoid a repeat of last year’s events (without breaking the bank), go with something cute, but small, like these fun and festive glitter bobby pins.

For The Friend Who Thinks She Is A Hipster
The Gift: Something Moustached-Themed
The Price: Varies
I have no idea why, but hipsters are obsessed with moustaches. Walk into any Urban Outfitters store, and you’ll see what I mean. If your friend wants to fit in with the kids who don’t care about fitting in, present her with anything moustache-themed, like this talking moustache keychain or moustache watch.

For The Social (Media) Butterfly
The Gift: Printstagram Minibook
The Price: $12
Even though her constant status updates are annoying, you’re secretly grateful that she’s your source for the latest celeb gossip and current events, courtesy of her social media obsession. Turn her 100’s of Instagram photos into a tiny book, so she can enjoy them off-line as well.

For The Health Nut
The Gift: Adagio Tea Starter Set
The Price: $24
She goes to yoga five times a week, and thanks to her, you now know what quinoa is. She’ll appreciate the health benefits of loose-leaf tea, and the yummy flavors are an added bonus! Maybe shopping for her will inspire you to take out that yoga mat and start buying organic veggies…

For The Beauty Junkie
The Gift: Birchbox Subscription
The Price: $30-$110
If she’s always experimenting with the latest beauty brands, a Birchbox subscription is the perfect present! Birchbox is a subscription service that sends a box of 4-5 beauty samples from up-and-coming brands each month. You can buy a 3-month, 6-month, or year subscription as a gift.

For The Guy Friend
The Gift: Something Funny
The Price: Varies
You turn to your best guy friend when you need some time away from the girls. He’ll love a funny gift like this drinking helmet or inflatable dinosaur.

For The Best Friend
The Gift: Something Only You Would Give Her
The Price: Varies
Even though you should show appreciation for all your friends, your Best Friend is the one that matters the most. She was there for you during your worst breakup and that time you didn’t get your dream job, and for that, she deserves the best! For the Best Friend, I would recommend something she would love, but would never pick out for herself, like these wooden coffee scoops or sequined clutch.

For The Friend Who Loves Free Stuff (Or For You!)
The Gift: Blu-ray Combo Pack of Magic Mike Or The Dark Knight Rises
The Price: FREE… if you win this giveaway!
We are thrilled to announce that we are giving away a blu-ray combo pack of either Magic Mike or The Dark Knight Rises to one of our lucky readers (Prize will be chosen randomly from the above titles!). For a chance to win, enter using the form below and keep reading for details on how to get extra entries. You have until this Thursday December 20th at NOON to enter.

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Check back tomorrow to see what we have in store for the sixth day of our 12 Day’s of Gifts!

[image credits: anthropologie,, urban outfitters, printstagram, adagio teas, birchbox, leif & j.crew]


Cameron is originally from Jacksonville, Florida and studied Economics at Washington University in St. Louis. She now lives in San Francisco, where she does social media and blogging for startup companies. She loves fashion, art, and animals.


  1. Holiday Movie Challenge results for me: WOWZA! That was impressive. Authentic Cinephiles like yourself are a rare breed — so wear the title with pride! Keep watching, and HAVE A MAGICAL HOLIDAY!

  2. Travel tip: If you need to travel for the holidays, travel at off-peak times either before or after the rush. It helps both to save money and to try to avoid the worst crowds, especially if there is a risk of weather shutting down the roads or airports

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