Guys suck at getting gifts. They suck at thinking of gifts. They suck at picking our gifts. And they suck at NOT waiting until the last minute to get gifts. So if you’re guy, pay close attention to this list (or the one your GF actually gave you… don’t think she’d be happier with something you come up with on your own… she won’t)… and start your shopping… now.

For The Girl Who Likes Bags (here are a few a few options)

The Gift (for the girl who owns everything in black): MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Classic Q – Percy’ Crossbody Bag (in Violet)
The Price: $198
Coming from someone who has this bag in black, it’s GREAT. Simple, classic, small, but big enough to fit legit everything she needs on a day or night out. Add some color to your GF’s wardrobe with this must-have violet color. It’s so hot right now (-Hansel).

The Gift (for the girl who likes to stand out): Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Clutch – Mini Mac
The Price: $195
There is so much going on on this little bag, it’s awesome. Oh, and a girl can never have too many crossbody bags. Duh.

The Gift (if you’re a big spender): Tory Burch Hobo – Amanda
The Price: $485
If you have a lot of fucking money and want to have good sex, get your girlfriend this bag.

For The Girl Who Likes To Smell Good
The Gift: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Gift Set
The Price: $110
This best selling fragrance will make both you and girlfriend happy. She’ll get a nice, new perfume and you’ll get to smell it on a daily basis. If you don’t want to spend that much, get the perfume by itself for $75.

For The Girl Who Loves To Dance
The Gift: Nintendo Wii Console (White) with Just Dance 4
The Price: $129.99
20-something girls can play video games too! Especially ones that involve dancing. If she was extra good this year, throw this Zumba Fitness: Core game into the mix for an extra $39.99.

For The Girl Who Is Always Stressed
The Gift: A Massage/Day At The Spa
The Price: Varies
A day at the spa will help to relax your GF and in return, make her not as on the edge when around you. If she’s working all the time or has a lot on her plate at the moment she will love this gift. Make it extra special by getting a couple’s massage.

For The Girl Who Cooks (You) Dinner
The Gift: A Crock-Pot®
The Price: $54.99
Help her help you not starve. With a Crock-Pot she can get a head start on making you food every morning.

For The Girl Who Likes Nice Shit
The Gift: Marc By Marc Jacobs ‘Amy’ Crystal Bracelet Watch
The Price: $225
This watch is the ultimate fashion statement. If she is into nice shit, she’ll love it.

For The Closet Nerd
The Gift: Riviera 720p HD Camcorder, Black
The Price: $149.99
If Marc Jacobs designed cameras, this is what they would look like. If your GF is a girly girl, but also is secretly into film, television, and/or blogging get her this camera. It’s cute, classy, and HD!

For The Girl Who Runs Circles Around You
The Gift: Nike+ – SportWatch GPS
The Price: $129.99
Help her track her runs with this super cool Nike watch.

(Or if she already has one…) The Gift: The North Face Women’s Apex Climateblock Jacket
The Price: $160
What runner wouldn’t want a brand new (extremely nice) jacket to run in? It is winter after all.

For The Girl Who Lives Far Away
The Gift: Logitech – HD Webcam C615
The Price: $49.99
Not everyone has iPhones and iPads and can face chat for hours. With a web cam, you’ll get to see her and she’ll get to see you… on the big screen (or medium sized screen… whatever). Everyone wins!

For The Girl Who Loves Baking
The Gift: Babycakes Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker
The Price: $29.99
Let her make you a romantic breakfast AKA waffles in the shape of hearts. AWW.

For The Girl Who Brings Her Computer/iPad Everywhere
The Gift: Tory Burch ‘Robinson’ Saffiano Leather Tablet Case OR Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Pretty – Computer Commuter’ Bag (13 inch)
The Price: $118 – $225
She probably wouldn’t get these for herself, seeing as she can just get cheap cases at Target or Apple… but she would obv love them.

For The Girl Who (Also) Loves Sports
The Gift: Tickets to a game
The Price: Varies
You want to go to the game anyway, so why not spend the money on something you BOTH want to do.

Who The Girl Who Loves To Drink
The Gift: The Sharper Image – Electronic 500-Recipe Drink Library
The Price: $29.99
With all these new drinks to make, she’ll be busy for months… or years.

For The Girl Who Is Trendy
The Gift: BaubleBar Jewlery — Editor Fave: Onyx Burst Bib
The Price: $28
Can’t afford the real thing? Or does she enjoy wearing costume jewelry over the expensive stuff? Get her the gift of style this holiday season. BaubleBar has gorgeous statement necklaces, earings, bracelets, etc for great prices. If it’s too late to shop online for you, check out the boutique Franchescas and other stores your GF likes in your area.

For The Girl Who Travels
The Gift: Kate Spade Harrison Street Passport Holder
The Price: $68
If your GF is one of those people who actually uses her passport, get her this shiny, pretty passport holder.

For The Hopeless Romantic
The Gift: A Weekend Getaway (or longer vacation if you’ve got the cash!)
The Price: Varies
Give her a card and in it tell her you’re whisking her away for a magical and romantic weekend (or even night) in a place of your choice. Take her skiing or just stay in some random cabin… Bring her out of the cold and into the heat… Take a road trip and go somewhere she’s never been before. The options are endless. And she will obv love whatever you choose.

For The Girl Who Likes To Laugh
The Gift: Tickets to a Comedy Show or Pac Man Hot Heads
The Price: $19.95
A comedy show would be fun for both of you… and if you don’t want to spend a lot, these Pac Man shaped oven mitts are AWESOME.

For The Girl You Just Started Dating
The Gift: Wine & Chocolate
The Price: Varies, but not that much.
You can never go wrong with alcohol and food… especially when the alcohol is wine and the food is chocolate.

The Girl Who Loves Spending (Your) Money
The Gift: Your Money
The Price: Varies
Pay her rent for a month, take her out to dinner, bring her to the mall… You’re going to do it anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

That’s a wrap for our 12 Days of Gifts! Be sure to check out the rest of our Holiday Gift Guide for ideas for everyone else on your list. Oh, and Happy Holidays! 🙂


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