For The Comfy Grandparents
The Gift For Her: UGG® Australia ‘Ansley’ Slipper (Women)
The Price: $99.95
As much as I hate the way Uggs look, I don’t mind their slippers. And neither will your grandparents when they sink their feet into them.

The Gift For Him: Under Armour Sweatshirt
The Gift: Under Armour Men’s Charged Cotton Storm Fleece Pullover Hoodie
The Price: $47.99
Give the gift of warmth and comfort: Under Armour.

For The Grandparents Who Like To Drink
The Gift: OXO Bar Tools, 11 Piece Set
The Price: $99.99
Bring the bar to them with this awesome set of bar tools. They’ll be able to entertain guests and themselves by making awesome drinks to perfection.

For The Tech Lovers
The Gift: Kindle Fire
The Price: $159
They like to read, they like technology… put them together and what do you have? A Kindle Fire! This tablet is way cheaper than an iPad, but ultimately does the same thing AND is great for reading.

For The Grandparents Who Are Fans
The Gift: Stansport Folding Stadium Seat with Arms
The Price: $39.99
If they still love going to your younger siblings’ games and other sporting events, get them this comfy seat so they can feel comfortable and have something to lean their back against on the bleachers.

For The Fashionable Grandparents
The Gift For Her: Dena Products Genuine Fox Fur & Leather Tech Gloves
The Price: $94.80
Fur and leather are the perfect combination this Winter. Your stylish grandma will feel cool, comfortable, and young with these fashionable statement gloves.

The Gift For Him: Polo Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Mercerized Polo
The Price: $89.50
Sure your grandfather probably has a thousand of these, but who can’t use a new polo?

For The Grandparents Who Like To Lounge
The Gift: Nap™ Massaging Bed Rest
The Price: $99.99
This thing is the ultimate bed buddy. Sit up in bed while getting a massage, resting your hands, and reading a book (or your kindle) in the dark because there’s a built in light. If your grandparents enjoy lounging, they will love this.

For The Sentimental Grandparents
The Gift: The Sharper Image Digital Photo Keychain
The Price: $9.99
It comes in black, pink, purple, and red so there’s a color for everyone. Get one for each of your grandparents so they can show their whole family off to everyone they see.

For The Active Grandparents
The Gift: iPod Shuffle
The Price: $49
Give them this inexpensive piece of technology so they can listen to music while at the gym or taking a walk.

Check back tomorrow to see what we have in store for the last day of our 12 Day’s of Gifts!


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