For the goody-two shoes
Although she probably already uses her iCalendar religiously, she will thoroughly enjoy the thrill of crossing things off her to-do list in this cute Lily Pultizer agenda. And yes, of course, you should pre-pencil-in some surprise appointments for her.
The Gift: Lily Pulitzer Agenda
The Price: $33
lily pultizer agenda

For the wild-child
She is the cause of your parent’s gray hair and by now everyone has given up on trying to tell her what to do. Pair this party-gal flask with a gift card to Nasty Gal and maybe you’ll get an invite to the next “It” party.
The Gift: Flask from Urban Outfitters
The Price: $18.00

For the hippie chick
While the thought of provoking her to cook more vegan recipes for family gatherings makes you want to vomit, your earth-friendly sister will totally appreciate your support in her efforts to make the world a better place, one animal at a time.
The Gift: Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
The Price: $18.15
vegan cookbook

For the sister with kids
If you think your life is a hot mess, just think about adding some screaming children to the mix. Your sister is probably desperate for some “me time.” Give her this bath-kit from Lush and a bottle of cheap wine to help her de-stress. However, you may want to avoid her phone calls for a while because someone is going to have to watch those kids for the evening…
The Gift: Bath Kit from Lush
The Price: $46.95
bath kit

For the sporty sis
As she’s dashing through the snow these reflective gloves and a cozy headband will keep her warm despite the freezing temperatures and winter wind.
The Gift: Nike Reflective Gloves and Under Armour Headband
The Price: Gloves $22 Headband  $19.99
running gear

For the prissy sister
She probably owns drawers full of makeup and buying her some drugstore kit is just an insult. This Lancome (best mascara ever) mascara kit will impress her and maybe, just maybe, she’ll tame the eye-rolls when you pronounce Lacome incorrectly.
The Gift: Hypnôse Star Mascara Collection
The Price: $34.00
lancome mascara

Check back tomorrow to see what we have in store for the second day of our 12 Day’s of Gifts!


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