Winter is the worst. THE WORST. And I’ve compiled the top 20 reasons why. Here you go:

1. You always having a stuffy nose.

2. When you wake up in the morning you don’t want to take the covers off because it’s too cold.

3. Driving in snow.

This includes: shoveling, scraping ice off your car, putting your hands on a freezing cold steering wheel, trying to avoid black ice, long ass commutes with lots of traffic, moronic drivers (everyone except you – duh), and… the list could go on for days.

4. Your puffy jacket makes you look fat.

5. You have to stay in weekend nights because no one wants to go outside… including you.

6. Static Hair.

7. You feel like your day is ending when it’s not because it’s always dark out… which forces you to do things like go home after work instead of going to the gym.

8. It’s too cold for margaritas.

9. And fro-yo.

10. Friends are always asking you to go on trips to warm places you can’t afford.

11. Not having sex because it’s too cold to take your clothes off.

12. Being pale.

13. And if you don’t want to be pale… Going tanning, which can make you look ridiculous (and maybe give you cancer but that’s neither here nor there)

14. Seasonal Depression.

15. You don’t take any time off once January 2nd hits because it’s the beginning of the year… and who knows — you might, like, miraculously grow a budget for a lavish vacation somewhere. Gotta save those days!

16. Ugg Boots.

17. Walking… anywhere.

18. As a girl, thinking that wearing tights with a dress is going to keep you warm. It’s not.

19. Wearing a winter jacket to a bar and having to carry it around all night.

20. Never knowing when it’s really going to end.

Ugh, Winter. Do less.

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