We all were taught the golden rule on the playground: treat others as you would want to be treated.  But then that bitch cut you in the tire swing line and then…IT WAS ON!

I firmly believe that a handful of people are put on this earth just to bug the shit out of you, and most of the time you meet them in settings where you have to play nice.  Whether it is in the classroom, the workplace, or at a party.  You can’t help but just turn your lip up at them when they walk into the room.  And as fate would have it you are forced to be kind to this person no matter how annoying, devious, or douchey they are.  Frenemies.  Burn ‘Em All.

You are paired up with them for a group project or they are your equal at work.  You smile through your teeth when you say, “Hey Girl, how was your weekend,” full on knowing that you could give a rat’s ass what she did with her time.  You want to call her out for that time she told your boss you left early.  You want to punch their face in when they back door insult you—“Oh, you shop at Old Navy?  I thought only middle schoolers did.” Burn bitch, burn.

Yup, grin and bear it ladies and gents because these people are all over the world.  You must continue to mush down all your comments and insults.  Keep that mean tweet in your drafts:  Hey @frenemie, remember that time you threw me under the bus at work.  THANKS now I have to work on Saturday! Xoxo.

So as you lay awake and play your role as Emily Thorne and plot your revenge, I urge you to go back to the rulebook.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Do their part of the ‘group project’ and get the A… because on day you’ll get that promotion at work and they won’t. Soon enough, they will curse the day they ever did you wrong and suddenly change their tune. Then, you can smile and know the truth. They are… the frenemy!


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