2017 was fine. Okay, no, it kind of sucked. But it wasn’t all bad. I made a bunch of memes and people shared them and now I made of a list of the ones people shared the most and here is that list… The OFFICIAL list of the most popular memes from @20somethingproblems (formerly @forever20tweets), the Instagram account I run for fun in my free time because…


Please enjoy checking out the memes and realizing that you are not alone in the sad, scary, hilarious world of adulthood. May you enter 2018 in peace  knowing everyone is in the same small boat as you because we are too poor to own mini yachts, sad face.


1. The Drunk Brunch Meme


2. The Black Out Meme


3. The Grocery Store Meme


4. The Why I’m Not Having Kids RN Meme


5. The Social Media Meme


6. The Late-20s Meme


7. The Jersey Shore Meme


8. The Adulting Is Hard Meme


8. The Dollz Meme


9. The Wedding Meme


10. The Money Problem Meme


11. The Drunk Eater Meme


12. The Degenerate Meme


13. The Work Day Meme


14. The Pizza Meme


15. The Ghosting Meme


16. The Engagement Meme


17. The Hangover Meme


18. The Art Stuff Meme


19. The Saving Money Meme


20. The Period Meme


21. The College Meme


22. The Life-After-26 Meme


23. The Vacation Booking Meme


24. The 2005 Meme


25. The Snacks Meme


26. The After Work Meme


27. The Prince George Meme


28. The Halloween Meme


29. The I’m Definitely Drinking Tonight Meme


30. The Engagement Ring Meme


31. The Life Is Hard Meme


32. The July 4th Meme


33. The Help Me I’m Poor Meme


34. The VMAs Meme


35. The Scott Disick & Bella Thorne Meme


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