It’s time to plan a vacation you will never forget! Here are some personality types you should bring on-board that will make your vacation experience worthwhile!

1. The “event planner” friend is the type to pack 30 days prior to vacation. While you are passed out sleeping, this friend is up at 7 am, eating the free “early bird special breakfast” and then by 9:30 AM they are getting gas for your rental car to prepare for today’s festivities! There is nothing wrong with traveling with this go-getter and type A personality friend. In fact, the most memorable vacations are the ones we engage in the most activities.

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2. The ” non-stop drinker” will convince you to take a shot in the morning in order to rid that hangover. They’re the friend who is the first to break the seal and order a mimosa at 9 am. Nothing like letting loose on vacation with this friend!


3. The “leader” will persuade you to go to that sketchy after-party in town. The leader is a vital person to bring on-board because they aren’t afraid to be assertive. They usually walk ahead of the crowd and call the shots. They are confident and decisive. Just follow their lead!


4. The “flirt” will hook-up with the local selling seashells on the beach. Let’s face it, their milkshake does bring all the boys to the yard and maybe that’s a good thing! Hashtag YOLO.


5. The “mother-like” friend will take away that 13th shot from you. This friend is just looking out for you and you will be thankful the next day because that one extra shot could have done more damage than good.

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6. The “tourist ” will convince you to hike the Great Wall of China for 15 hours. This type of friend seeks out all the tourist-like destinations and persuades you to come along. The tourist doesn’t mind waiting in line for 8 hours to see the Tulum Myan Ruins in Mexico or to explore the Sistine Chapel in Rome. This is why we traveled abroad 1,000’s of miles away right?


7. The “daredevil friend” will suggest sneaking onto another resort to skinny dip at 4 AM in the Jacuzzi. You will never forget that time you sneaked onto another hotel’s property to jump into the Jacuzzi drunk and nude. Then, you were chased out by security! It was a short lived moment but is something you guys will never forget.


Have you ever traveled with friends who resemble these personality types? Tell us about your experiences below.


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