rainy city
So you had a few interviews for the job that just seems perfect! Yay! The company has awesome benefits, the atmosphere is just what you want, it’s in a prime location to get your life started and there may even have been a few good-looking gents strolling through the office.

You totally nailed that interview! The people you interviewed with said they would get back to you early next week! It’s the weekend, you can go out and tell all your friends that you pretty much have this awesome job lined up and can celebrate!

It’s now Monday and you figure that early next week means Monday or Tuesday because if they meant Wednesday that would have been mid-week. Okay, you’re ready to get this email. No email. It’s Tuesday so today is the day. It’s about noon now and still no email. Now you start to freak out. “Maybe it didn’t go as well as I thought,” “Ugh, why did I say that, it sounds so dumb, I wouldn’t hire someone who said that.” Re-evaluating the interview makes you much less confident.

“Ping.” There’s the email. Nope not opening it. Waiting to open this email when it’s light out is a much better idea. Ignore it. You wake up Wednesday morning surprisingly early, and without thinking you open it up. It’s raining outside…

1. You cry.
You cry to yourself, you cry to your mom and then you cry to yourself again. This is understandable. You had this all planned out. You imagined yourself wearing super stylish outfits to work, drinking coffee at your desk, having team meetings in that beautifully designed skyscraper. You failed. They didn’t like you and you didn’t get that perfect job!

2. Positive affirmations get tossed at you.
Whoever you told you didn’t get the job, or whoever heard you crying will try to make you feel better by telling you things such as, “It’s just one job, there are plenty more out there,” and “you can’t take this personally, you are so smart and beautiful, they don’t know what they missed out on.” But this doesn’t help, you may not even hear it or at least you don’t take it seriously.

3. You get angry.
Maybe you scream. Maybe you go for a run and curse and cry the whole way. Maybe you draft an angry email yelling at those awful people who were so nice to you and made you think you had it in the bag.

4. You panic.
What will you do with your life? This was THE job. You can’t even fathom working anywhere else. “I’m never going to be a good __________, why did I waste my time in college,” “Oh my god, what do I tell all my friends that I slightly bragged to about almost having a job,” “My family is going to think I’m a disappointment, cousin Craig got the very first job he applied to after college.”

5. You come up with crazy alternatives.
Maybe you decide you need to do something completely different. You think you could run off and become a private yacht stewardess? Sounds pretty great! Maybe you’ll apply to the Peace Corps, you always wanted to see if you could survive without all your valuable possessions. No one would even think less of you for not getting that dumb job because you’re too busy being such an awesome, charitable person. Then again, you have always wanted to become a pastry chef, “BGB: Boston Gal Bakes,” or “Treats by Tay.”

6. You come to your senses.
You realize crying get’s you nowhere. Burning bridges is always an awful idea. Your friends and family will still love you, and many of them have been right where you are. So you make yourself some breakfast, you grab your laptop and start drafting the most cordial reply to that sad, sad rejection letter. You thank the company and employees for their time, you let them know how nice it was to meet with them, and if you are interested, you ask them for some feedback.

7. You channel your inner lioness.
You are strong, you are actually wicked smart, and you are beautiful. Your mom was right. Maybe you take a day, go get a pedicure, buy a cute going out outfit because you are no longer about to blow your savings on a whole work wardrobe, but then you sit down and get back to job searching. You’ve learned. You are smarter now. Apply to jobs, write up some fantastic cover letters and if you have received feedback work towards improving your interview skills.

Another thing your mom might have said is that everything happens for a reason. Believe that. Go out and take this world by storm, and if you find out the real world isn’t what you are looking for, give me a call and we can go serve drinks to the super wealthy while sailing the Caribbean.


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