If you’re an avid fashion stalker, or at least an Instagram blogger stalker, you’ve come to realize that this season, big is back. That means loose fitting tops, flowy dresses, and even bigger flares. But is bigger really better? Well, I’m here to decipher that one…

Let’s talk flare. Those whale-tale shaped jeans that slowly lost popularity several years back due to the onset of the skinny jean. Remember them? Well, I’m sure in recent months you’ve been reacquainted with these babies.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 2.48.27 PM

Personally, I’m not too thrilled about the onset of this style, but that could just be the braces-wearing, bony-structured middle school self. I have to admit I was greeted by sheer horror at the prospect of being faced with societal pressure of this pant leg, ever again. I started to have flashbacks to 7th grade when my pre-pubescent self was scrawny, stick-like, and couldn’t wear flare jeans since they basically made my calves look as if they were wearing mini ghost costumes. I remember begging my mom to get me jeans that fit. A few runs to our local mall, and approximately twenty stores later (since in 2006 it was terribly hard to find skinny jeans anywhere), we finally found a pair-size 000. No joke. While you could say that was then, this was now, and I could possibly wear them in my more adult body…my phobia isn’t going anywhere quick.

However, if you are a chick that can rock the flare, power to you! I’ve opted to embrace your ability to own it in a pair of jeans that just don’t do it for me. Also, the styling abilities are endless with the right bod! So here are my top looks for ladies with flare-worthy legs:

 1. Pair the flare with a faux-fur vest for a 70s chic feel:


2. Rock washed out flare legs with a button down for an office cas’ appeal:


3. White out & rock out with neutrals:


Hopefully my personal insight on the trend, and a round-up of possible flare #ootd inspo will help ease your mind about the new look. Of course if you’re like me, have no fear, because like our beloved skinny jeans trends only last so long.


So, in the twisted words of Regina George, “Gretchen, stop trying to make [flare] happen! It’s not going to happen!” (Okay, so maybe it has happened, but not in my wardrobe)!


Alivia has a love of traveling, snacking religiously on sweets, and hanging with her cat (aka #1 BFF) in her spare time.

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