If you haven’t seen Vanderpump Rules, you should. Slightly classier than Jersey Shore, but more relatable to 20somethings than Real Housewives, Pump Rules is a roller coaster ride full of drama. Every person on the show looks like they stepped out of a photoshoot, so it’s a no brainer that everyone is sleeping with everyone, keeping secrets, causing problems, creating and changing alliances, all while working under the same roof (Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, Sur). With everything that goes on, it’s a wonder how any food gets served. Still, the people on the show are so great because we all have that one friend who is EXACTLY like them. Here are the people in every friend group as told by Vanderpump Rules.

1. The Sarcastic One


You keep her around because simply put, she’s hilarious. She’s never uptight and everything is a joke to her. She makes your nights out that much better, because even if your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend is standing 2 feet from you at the bar, she knows exactly what to do to keep everyone smiling. Not much phases her personally, but if you got backed into a corner, she’d be the first to back you up.

2. The Cool Mom


She’s a bad bitch who has been there and back again, and truthfully has just gotten tired of being the center of the shenanigans. She’s taken a back seat, but has the experience and wisdom to know exactly where you’re at, and is genuinely concerned for you. She’ll make sure you get back safe after a night out, even if “safe” means with a man friend.

3. The Douchebag Team


We all know those two guys who are questionably in love with each other since they’re completely inseparable. Their testosterone is out of control, and being with each other revs them up even more. At least one is bound to be a notorious womanizer, and the other is usually the backup/wingman/guy who covers his friends ass. You keep them around because they’re fun, but you know deep down they’re trouble.

4. The Psycho Bitch


She’s funny as hell, but don’t get on her bad side. She knows how to get what she wants, and she knows it more than anyone. You keep her around because she’s hilarious, but honestly you’re slightly scared of her. Everything she says is a joke… right? Best not to find out.

5. The Reasonable One


She’s level headed, smart, calm in most all situations, and sees things objectively. She’s the first one you’d want to go to when you’re upset and probably the most sober one in your group. She’s a little quieter, but she tells you how it is, no matter what you might think, and honestly you appreciate her for that. Sometimes, you need that girl who will tell you that impulse buy dress isn’t the most flattering thing in the world, or that a guy is taking advantage of you.

6. The Crazy Ex Girlfriend


She’s just not over it. She’s obsessive and has no idea. You keep her around because deep down, she has a good heart, and you honestly feel sorry for her. Still, she hasn’t found a way to move on with her life and is stuck in a cycle of her past. She might mention it in passing (“Oh, this is where we used to eat…”) or randomly freak out at the bar. You love her, but she’s a little much to handle.

7. The Princess


She’s adorable, she’s smart, she’s sassy, and she wants things her way. She’s a perfectionist,and you love her for it. The things that come out of her mouth are hilarious unintentionally, and she may make you late to the party, but she’s the complete life of it. Just watch out, because she doesn’t tolerate peasants and has no problem speaking her mind.

8. The One Who Doesn’t Get It


She’s there, but she’s never “there.” You’re never quite sure if she remembers your conversations, or even cares, but you always invite her along anyway. She doesn’t make a fuss, and you generally like her, but no one seems to really “know her”… or maybe there really is just nothing to know.

9. The Awkward Nice Guy


You love him, and he’s so sweet. From time to time, he’ll try his hand at hooking up with someone in the friend group, only to fall flat on his face. Most of the time you can brush it off and he’ll pretend that he’s joking too. Still, there’s no one more loyal, and your favorite bar activity is playing his wingman.


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