The fabulous foursome is headed to Jamaica. Ben quickly recaps where he’s at with the leading ladies.

Caila – He thinks she is too positive and he can’t get down to a deeper level with her. Which makes sense. That shit gets old fast. Caila is like a Disney princess. Her hair, her need for a fairytale love story, and that smile that never escapes her face.

Lauren –  Ben says looking at Lauren was like love at first sight. He questions it is too good to be true and she’s too perfect. Ben clearly has no idea how perfect he truly is.

JoJo – He has the most fun with JoJo, and feels like she brings out the best in him. However, her brothers are bat shit crazy. And who needs that?

Date 1: Caila
Caila, who has a sick body dons a crop top and cut offs for their Jamaican date. Awkward silence on a raft ensues. She said it is due to nerves and uncertainty of the other women. They seem to get their stride back during the night part of the date, where they greet each other with “it’s so good to see you again!” Come on producers, how do you expect us to believe this is one consecutive date? Ben asks her why she was acting weird earlier and she tells him she’s in love with him. He does not return the favor, however offers her a fantasy suite. She obviously says yes. After a night-long bone session, he departs for his date with Lauren.

Caila and Ben

Date 2: Lauren
Another date, another crop top and cutoff ensemble. The pair meet an adorable Australian man to rescue and release baby sea turtles. And it is so awwww worthy. There is no shortage of “life beginning” metaphors, and God I love a good Bachelor metaphor. They both share that they find the other person to be too amazing and too good for the other. #PerfectPeopleProblems. During the night date Lauren shares with Ben how invested she is in the relationship, but she’s nervous he has a similar or stronger connection with the other two women. Ben’s feelings toward her are obvious, but during dinner when their fantasy suite card comes Ben just stares at her all googley eyed and speechless. He literally has no words. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lead be so in love with a contestant on this show.

Finally in the fantasy suite, Lauren tells Ben she is head over heels in love. And he says it back!! They both cry and kiss and tell each other how in love they are. Has a Bachelor lead ever said it out loud prior to the finale? The date ends the next morning with their clothes crumpled on the floor.

Lauren and Ben

Date 3: JoJo

Poor Ben has to go on a third date. He and JoJo take off in a helicopter and travel to a rainforest. They can’t keep their hands off each other and it’s immediately obvious already that Caila is going home. After leaping from the waterfall, she (Bachelor metaphor) literally leaps into love and shares her feelings with Ben. He reciprocates. AGAIN. She starts crying and says “can you tell me that?” and he says he doesn’t care he loves her. I feel like this date happened before Lauren. This isn’t to take away from JoJo, I just think that with Lauren he worships her and puts her on a pedestal and with JoJo, while certainly in love, he doesn’t worship her. And this makes me think that if JoJo really did go after Lauren, he wouldn’t have said it.

Ben shares that it made him uncomfortable to have the confrontation with her brothers and he’s concerned he doesn’t have her family’s support. They end the night in the fantasy suite sack.

I love JoJo. She’s my favorite and I am totally rooting for her. However I think her fate is with the Bachelorette. Then again, the producers have fooled us with strategic ending before!

Ben and JoJo

Let’s talk about love.

It’s so rare that the lead would say “I love you” to one, never mind two women, that I feel so awful for both of them. They both clearly think they have it in the bag and no matter the outcome, they will both have a hard time watching this back.

That being said, I think it is great Ben said what he was feeling and was truthful with both women. Look at this situation. A team of matchmakers hand pick women who he’ll fall in love with – of course it’s not surprising he’d fall in love with two.

The Breakup

Caila/the producers decide she should surprise Ben to say hello…. just as we hear a voiceover from Ben on how she’s not the one. Also. Caila takes crop tops to another level. They’re more like sports bras. Ben takes this convenient moment to let her know she’s going home. He tells her he’s in love with the other two women. Through tears and disappointment she is still smiling. She just got dumped on national television and is still smiling!!! Maybe it’s a nervous thing? Maybe she has the opposite of resting bitch face?

Caila jumps out of the limo to ask if “he knew when….” and she obviously meant when they had sex. He says no. Ben doesn’t shed a tear, which is interesting since be bawled his eyes out when Amanda went home last week.

Caila crop top

Rose Ceremony

Both ladies chat with Chris Harrison and tell them about the L-Bombs and he has this smug look on his face like “OH, GIRL.” With two roses left and no Caila, the roses obviously go to JoJo and Lauren.


I really think it will be Lauren, based on what we saw this episode. However, the producers often play up one character in editing. So, who knows.


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