The final three are headed to Bali, and damn is it hot. We had a lot of frizz and sweat in this episode. Kaitlyn and Chris play with monkeys and stroll around town. She opens up about past heartbreak and why she is guarded. Chris assures her he can see her as his wifey and they head to the fantasy suite. There is a chance she said yes to the fantasy suite, just to get inside to the AC. Seriously, ABC why do you put them through this??? Surely there are nice indoor restaurants in Bali.

This shit is bananas.
This shit is bananas.

A very spray tanned Whitney heads out for a day of sailing with Chris. Finally, a breeze to cool these people off. She talks about her sister and how awkward the hometown convo with her was. After a second humid and sweaty dinner, Whitney too jumps at the chance to head indoors. Inside the fantasy suite, Chris questions her willingness to move to Iowa and she says she doesn’t mind moving and giving up her career, so long as she can pop out babies immediately. Yes, this is the woman he has indeed been searching for.

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Becca’s Bali hair is on point, though her nylon shorts are another story. Chris and Becca spend the day walking around Bali and find themselves in a holy temple where they’re told to make love. I think something got lost in translation. The whole date is a lead up to her dropping the bomb that she’s a virgin. After the third and final sweaty dinner, the fantasy suite invitation comes and she is obviously overheated and says sure. Once inside she tells him and he responds with “Oh, uh, ok, uhhh… I respect that?” It was awkward.

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Can I interest you in an air conditioned fantasy suite?

During her interviews she keeps saying “I always said I wanted to wait… but now that I think I am in love…ohhh the temptation.” I hope this was just production editing, because who waits for marriage only to give it up to a man screwing multiple other women? She’s boring, but she’s not dumb. I checked her Twitter though and she says that hell no, it did not happen. PHEW.

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Dressed in robes, they head back to the sacred temple for the rose ceremony. All three girls have succumbed to the humidity and are sporting updos. He tells Becca he needs a quick chat. Whitney and Kaitlyn think she’s headed home, but not so fast y’all! Becca assures Chris she is into him and just as Kaitlyn is kicking her out the door, the two walk back into the temple hand in hand. Roses are given out to Whitney and Becca and it is finally time to say bye to my beloved Kaitlyn. She tries to muster up some fake tears and says she really is sad. Girl, you’re going to need to brush up on that fake crying if you’re the next Bachelorette!

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This episode, I felt like it was pretty obvious the Kaitlyn/Chris relationship was just a formality. While I am rooting for her to be the next leading lady, she isn’t the type ABC goes for. If producers decide she isn’t square enough, we’d be left with Britt, a professional hugger/waitress, karaoke Carly or Andi 2.0.

Next week is Women Tell All, where we will inevitably hear a lot about the Ashleys, virginity and Play Boy. As for final predictions – Whitney.


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