It’s week 2. Still lots of girls to sift through and half are named Lauren.

First Group Date

Ten ladies, Jackie, LB, Lauren H, Becca, Amber, Mandi, JoJo, Jubilee, Jennifer and Lace, head to Bachelor High for their group date. Not surprising, handsome, athletic Ben loved high school. The ladies go through various ridiculous school-themed challenges and ultimately crazy dentist Mandi showcases her hurdling skills and becomes homecoming queen. We could be at a Bachelor group date all time low.

Bachelor Ben High School

He gets alone time with several ladies whose names I don’t know. Jennifer, a pretty brunette, Jubilee, the army vet, and Dallas JoJo, who wore an unfortunate-looking Charlotte Rousse dress, all get smooches.

Lace takes time to apologize for being drunk and crazy at the first cocktail party and then immediately starts acting crazy. She irks the ladies by interrupting their dates to steal more time with Ben who clearly DGAF.

JoJo gets the rose.

One-on-One Date

Caila gets the first date and the couple get to hang with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. They end up in a hot tub store and… wait didn’t they already do this bit with Kaitlyn and Jimmy Kimmel? Snooze. They both talk about their unlovable insecurities (wah, pretty people problems) and she talks about her ex-boyfriend again. Seems like she’s not quite over her plane flame.

Bachelor Ice Cube and Kevin Hart

His favorite singer I’ve never heard of plays, they make out and she gets a rose. They seem to have a lot in common. They’re both extremely even-tempered, sweet and sincere. BUT… that could make for a very boring couple. Because Ben is a lot of things. But exciting and unpredictable are not among them.

Second Group Date

Twins Haley & Emily, Sam, Shushana, Olivia, and Amanda go on the next group date to a love lab. The twins say multiple idiotic things about not being smart. There are super weird “medical” tests to determine compatibility and a very confident, first-impression rose Olivia wins. An emotional Amanda tells him she has kids.

Olivia gets the rose and her cockiness is rubbing the girls (and me) the wrong way. Also rubbing me the wrong way is the strange faces she keeps making.

Bachelor Love Lab Olivia

Rose Ceremony

Olivia starts drama in the house by grabbing Ben first, when she already has the rose. She continues to do very strange things with her mouth and face. Lace rambles about being a dorky kid. Ben “made” Lauren B. a photo of their first date. What does that even mean?? You printed out a picture from yesterday? LAME.

Bachelor Olivia Face

Amanda cries because Ben made a sweet gesture for her kids and Amber cried because she didn’t get any time with him. But, if we’re being honest, she’s a 30-year-old bartender who’s been on 3 Bachelor shows in less than a year. Her odds aren’t good.

Lace gets a rose (from the producers) and LB turns down a rose. Both twins are still in it and after lots of freaking out he gives Amber a rose.

Samantha, who got the lowest love score, weird dentist Mandi and one other get the boot.


  • We see on the previews that Olivia’s possessive, confident ways really bug the other girls. It’s only a matter of time it all backfires on her.
  • Since I was wrong about it this week, I feel realllllly certain flight attendant Lauren will get a one-on-one.
  • Other front-runners are JoJo, Amanda, Becca and Caila.

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