Shawn and Kaitlyn have a heart to heart, where he states he isn’t sure he can continue on. He asks if she loves him. She says “IDK, Maybe.”

Two on One
JJ and country bumpkin Joe go on the dreaded two-on-one on one of Ireland’s beaches. Joe drops the L-bomb. Dang, y’all. These guys don’t say much, but when they do… they go all the way. Speaking of laying it all out there, JJ tells Kaitlyn he cheated on his ex-wife. Her response is as nice as it can be and she gives him a peck. Color me not surprised to learn JJ’s a cheater.

She sends him home.


Shawn, who still can’t get over that he isn’t on a one-on-one dating show, is back in Kaitlyn’s room whining. After a lot of crying and a lot of ego stroking and a lot of evading the big pink Nick in the room – they make up. Oh, and Kaitlyn regrets all the reassurance she’s provided Shawn and isn’t certain him or Nick are the ones for her after all. Lots of regrets and emotions going on this season.


Cocktail Party
Hottie Ben H. decides to call out Kaitlyn too! He was there during her bonding with Shawn and knows something went down. Ugh. More regret and disappointment. Playing the field is no easy fete.

Her and Nick discuss him not kissing and telling. She’s still on major damage control, hoping that her night in he sack with Nick won’t ruin her other relationships.

More emotions come when her and Shawn sit down to discuss their relationship. She tells him she regrets telling him “he’s the one.” Because she’s not so sure he is. Things are left awkward.


Beefcake Ben Z. and Tanner get sent home. We’re down to six: Shawn, Nick, Cupcake Chris, Ben H and Jared.

And with half an hour left, we get into this week’s episode. Her and Jared head on a road trip, while the other guys have to bus together. After her time with Jared, Chris Harrison tells her maybe she’d be feeling more confident if she can go ahead and get in that off camera (sex) time with the rest of the guys. Smooth, Chris.

They decide instead of hometowns coming next, K needs to get it in with everyone else. I guess whoever the best lay is will get a hometown date?

First up for a one-on-one is cupcake Chris. She dumps him after a few minutes. On a cliff.


Recap: there were a lot of tears shed this episode. A LOT. Mostly from Kaitlyn, but the guys were bawling too (that’s cupcake above).

I think it will come down to Shawn, Jared and Nick.


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