Ben H and Kaitlyn head on a one-on-one date on a private Irish island. They play hide and seek. IDK, but I sort of love it and between that and his ridiculous good looks, I’d throw Nick and Shawn off the closest bridge and run off into the sunset with him.

Ben says after his last relationship ended he feared he was unlovable. Ben, I know a lot of women who would like to show you just how lovable you are. Kaitlyn mistakes this moment of honesty and sensitivity for a lack of experience and she asks Ben if he is a virgin. He’s not. Because:


There is a 3-on-1 with Country Joe, Nick and Shawn. The winner of the date gets extra time with Kaitlyn. Right as she is about to open up to Shawn about her night in the sack with Nick, the devil himself swoops in and takes her away. Joe, bless his heart, tells K “I love you, baby.” She smirks and says she’s not that into him. He does not leave on a nice note.

Shawn gets the extra date. She drops the sex bomb. It’s as awkward as you can imagine, but he takes it in stride and says he’s there for her. Aw, way to go Shawn, that’s very big of you. Meanwhile, back at the ranch Nick bitches he hasn’t had enough time with her. Nick. Are you serious??


Rose Ceremony
She calls Shawn’s name first and he says he needs to talk. He doesn’t get why she did the deed with a guy he despises and she doesn’t get why he’s trying to be the boss of her. Valid arguments for each. In the end he accepts the rose.

Hottie McHotterson Ben gets the next rose. And then Nick. And as relieved as I am that she finally sends the black sheep Jared home, I am most certainly surprised. She doesn’t leave him with much of an explanation, but he exits with all the kindness and dignity you’d expect, and I feel so sad for him.

Kaitlyn and Nick have a one-on-one. As much as I or the rest of America, can’t stand him, their chemistry is out of control. They get a fantasy suite key and use it. Nick tries throwing Shawn under the bus and Kaitlyn gives zero fucks about this gossip continuing. They reconcile and the next scene is them eating breakfast in bed together, where he says he’s allergic to dogs.

Later, Shawn confronts Nick about how much he can’t stand him. They bicker like two women. I’m siding with Shawn on this. Because:

2012 Miss USA Competition - Arrivals

While I don’t think Ben will win (☹), I think he should. Nick and Shawn and this he-said-he-said game is ridiculous. The producers have been trying to stir up drama all season, so I am fairly confident in predicting we’ll have a Nick and Shawn showdown for the finale. Womp. Womp.


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    Nick is soooo annoying! I mean, allergic to dogs??? GTFO… red flag right there in my book!

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