Stories of a Serial Dater: The Birthday Boy

How great would it be to meet a guy with the same birthday, on your birthday? They met at the so-called lightning spot at this really un-hip student bar in dumpy Allston. This semi-drunk girl, going on her 6th beer, was about to ring in her 23rd birthday when a tall blonde guy overheard her screaming out that it was her birthday in exactly 11 minutes.This bar was really not a place to meet men. It was a place to gawk at awkward college students praising jesus that their fake IDs worked and that they got into what they thought was a hip downtown spot. Anyway, the guy turns to her and says “Wait, no it’s my birthday!” In her screaming drunk voice she proclaims to that half of the bar that they have two birthdays here! Shots all around!

After the Swedish fish shot and several free beers, the birthday boy doesn’t leave the side of the birthday girl. He waits for her outside the bathroom, he sits at the table with her friends, and even delivers her an overflowing PBR at her beckon request. Too drunk to realize or care, but this guy was essentially a really nice stalker. Phone numbers were exchanged and bday messages were sent the next day back and forth. During the day, this guy seemed somewhat normal.

Several snowy days later he follows up about their date. His texts are like clockwork, sent at the appropriate time of day, after 5 pm during the week. Unfortunately he left most of the planning, times and location, to her, which really isn’t a good sign of a guy who likes to take charge. If he asks you out, he should plan the date, plain and simple. But she decided to go anyway, what’s the harm in some free food and drinks, right?

They meet up at a less collegy bar/restaurant and share drinks and appetizers. The conversation is good and he drives her home. The goodbye kiss is good and things are left on a good note. Until the text messages start flowing.

In a rare coincidence she is going to that same lame bar again tonight and made the mistake of telling him that. Well, maybe it wasn’t a mistake. It was a precautionary measure to ensure that he wouldn’t show up there too.

Sure enough, he shows up and blows up her spot flirting with another guy. Everyone knows that girls who are dating other people have the best game. He shows up like a creep and blows up her spot, and all her friends are whispering like “what the hell is he doing here.” He broke the number one rule, don’t stalk people that you want to date. To make matters worse he showed up with two whores that he said were his friends. In reality they were too drunk to even be able to tell who he was.

She ran out of the bar with her jacket over her head with her friends in tow.A few days later and several text apologies and she still hadn’t answered him. He made an excuse after excuse saying he had left his credit card there and had to go get it, or he just stopped in to say hi to friends and forgot she was there.

Ladies weigh in: When in doubt, consider him a stalker, right?? Because if he is, you’ll be happy you blew him off. If he’s not, he’ll prove it with some grand gesture.

This post has been contributed by Paige.

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