Once upon a time in a land far far away (coughhighschoolcough), Uggs were the answer to all of our problems. They came on the scene in the mid 2000s and took over high school halls, college campuses, and our parent’s bank accounts. Slightly expensive for what they were (slash are), they were obviously totally worth it. We had the tall Uggs in either tan, brown, or cream and wore them over our faded, ripped Abercrombie jeans folded over to expose the fur. It was a style fail, but was for some reason accepted.

When I went off to college, I brought my Uggs with me and even purchased a new pair. By this time (2006) Uggs had become all the rage for people who lived in cold climates so they came out with different kinds. Uggs were all sorts of neutral colors and sizes. The short ones intrigued me most because they were simple and easy to wear. I got them in brown and wore them literally every day. By the end of Freshman year, the city of Ithaca had destroyed them. The shoes didn’t stand a chance in the snow, rain, salt, sleet, mud, grass, or whatever else they encountered. Not to mention, they smelt like absolute shit after the first week and only got worse. And yes – I do recognize that I didn’t take very good care of anything until like three years ago, but these destroyed Uggs were not completely my fault.

Luckily, my classic tall Ugg boots were still in good condition so I was able to resort back to those worry free. No idea why I was still a fan of Uggs after going through two pairs that were easily destroyed… but it wasn’t long until I realized what a fashion no-no these comfy, warm Ugg boots were.

Before I went ‘abroad’ to LA my Junior year, I stuffed my ugly Winter boots and large poofy coats in the back of my closet. I knew no fashionable west coaster would be ever caught dead in such apparel, so it had to be done. And thank God I did it because the LA folk did not even have said gear on their radar. I had a friend who was asked by multiple people what The North Face was when she wore her fleece jacket to work. ‘Like, why aren’t you wearing a cute trench with a belt?‘. I did not need the locals to think of me as Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada… or Anne Hathaway in general… Ugh, Anne Hathaway, ugh.

Being in LA opened my eyes up to a world devoid of Winter essentials such as heavy jackets and winter boots. Everything was fashion forward. People dressed to be stylish… not to be comfortable and not to be warm. What a concept. You didn’t have to hide your outfits with some long black poofy parka. You didn’t have to wear some ugly furry boots because the ground was covered in white stuff. You could wear some fabulous outfit complete with a blazer and stylish boots and be comfortable all Winter long inside and outside with a tan! Crazy, right? Therefore, I said good riddance to most of the clothes I had worn before and turned into, like, a new person.

Eventually I was forced to go back to the east cost because that’s, umm, where I live. At first everything was fine… minus the lack of palm trees and pretty people… That is, until Winter hit. It started to get cold. It started to get rainy. It started to snow. This forced me to break out my heavy jackets and sweaters, but I couldn’t break out the Uggs. I just couldn’t do it.

I saw people wearing Uggs all the time in college and after but to me they were just so ugly. Especially the brand new sequined Uggs that came on the scene. I mean, come on. What are those things? If I was 12 – fine. These boots are pretty rockin’. But in real life as a 20-something fashionista? No thanks.

After years of boycotting Uggs, I eventually realized I needed a comfy pair of ‘whatever’ shoes I didn’t care about. A type of shoe I could wear with sweatpants when I had to go outside… or a shoe I could wear with a sweatshirt when grocery shopping. All I had were nice boots, flats, sandals, and extreme snow boots that were way too annoying to put on when unnecessary. So what did I do? I resorted back to my old tall Uggs as ‘slipper shoes‘ and thought about getting a new pair. Thought. AKA I’m still thinking about it.

So I’m not totally against Uggs. I think they make extremely comfy slippers and ridiculously warm gloves (I tried on a pair at Nordstrom once and literally floated to heaven for a few seconds). But their classic boots are just not my thing. Comfortable? Yes. Attractive? No. Uggs put the UG in ugly. Does ANYONE else realize this? As Americans, we really need to rid of these furry fashion monsters – unless they are being paired with sweatpants or a comfortable cold weather outfit that no one is probably going to see you in except your mom or boyfriend. AKA ‘slipper shoes.’

Remember the girl who had boots with the fur? There was a reason the whole club was looking at her… and it wasn’t the apple bottomed jeans. IT WAS THE MOTHER FUCKING UGGS. Ugh (no pun intended).


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  1. Agreed! Uggs are feo. I passionately opposed them until I moved to Boston. I realized (like you said) that I needed comfy slip on shoes that weren’t my cumbersome snow boots or fancy boots that get ruined in the snow/salt. When it’s 8 degrees outside, fashion is my lowest priority! I’m wearing my Bearpaws right now 🙂

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