Do: Apply to every single job that seems somewhat appealing to you (don’t be picky).

Do Not: Expect jobs to call you… or offer you anything.

Do: Go to Europe.

Do Not: Go to Europe if you have to a) take out a loan for it or b) spend your entire life savings on it.

Do: Visit your old college town on alumni weekend.

Do Not: Go back to your college town every weekend unless you still live there. Grow up and adjust to your new life.

Do: Buy a suit.

Do Not: Buy out the entire store of Forever 21 just because you are too poor to go anywhere else, but still need to look trendy.

See... suit shopping can be fun.

Do: Go out on weekends.

Do Not: Go out every night of the week just because you don’t have a job.

Do: Open a savings account.

Do Not: Spend the money in your savings account.

Do: Miss college.

Do Not: Miss college to the point where you slit your wrists at night. Life after college is not THAT bad.

Do: Have fun!

Do Not: Have too much fun that you end up an unemployed alcoholic. Balance fun with work!


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