A day date sounds good…sounds like a guy with good intentions, right? Why else would a guy take time out of his Saturday to take a girl on a sober lunch date at a fancy sushi restaurant?  

It really was the perfect set up. Girl meets guy at mutual friend’s birthday party, girl ditches the party, guy is left hanging.

So she blew the guy off and went to meet up with a bunch of other friends at The Harp. The guy was lame and to put it honestly, he had no game. She forgot about him until heroverly enthusiastic roommate mentioned that he was totally obsessed with her. She met the guy for like 5 minutes and blew him off…apparently that works these days.

So she says “add him on Facebook!!” This was the first wrong step. Never…I am telling you…never add a guy on Facebook. Facebook creates a whole different set of rules…yes you’d like to see what annoying girls have tagged pictures of your guy of the moment and who writes on his wall. But it’s better to remain a mystery.

Stupidly she added the guy on Facebook and realized he was still a student. Not a fifth year or a grad student. But an actual college student…how unfortunate. For the moment she decided to look past the cradle robbing.

Weeks go by and after a confirmed friend request and some desperate monitoring of Facebook chat, the youngin never made contact with the girl he was supposedly obsessed with. But alas, he was having a super bowl party and passed along the message that she should come through his friend and then herroommate. She should’ve known that this was his pussy move #1.

She was going to ditch his super bowl party for a few reasons…it was in the student apartment building and she already had plans with other people at a kickass crib in Cambridge. But the nagging text messages from her roommate convinced her that she should at least show up.

After giving up her ID at the front desk of the student building, she went up to an apartment with 15 students gathered around a flat screen. There were leftover remnants of sliders and 7 layer dip…and the guy sitting in an armchair, barely making eye contact when she walked in. So she acted aloof for the next two quarters and finally started talking to him as the Packers celebrated their super bowl win.

The douche bag and her exchanged numbers and after a business trip to Arizona that week, she finally heard from him on Friday. He called her. Yes, he actually picked up the phone and dialed. He asked her to do lunch…on a Saturday.

The average girl would think, wow what a gentleman. But she came to find out after the sushi date, that this was just his way of “hanging out.” I’d like to know what guys call girls, ask them to a day lunch date and call that “hanging out.” I certainly don’t know any.

She followed up with the “thanks I had a great time” text but never heard back. Apparently, she heard through the grapevine that this text freaked out the sushi dater. End of story: her and the douche bag hooked up a week later, she stole his sweatpants and they never spoke again. I guess the sushi date was his way of getting a girl in the sack…and unfortunately it worked. Apparently each guy has his own special way of courting the ladies.

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